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Eminent people named Leni

Leni Björklund, Leni Riefenstahl.
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 Leni - Placebo
7 0
 Leni Goes Shopping - Mike Stern
0 0
 Leni - Flash Fiktion
15 6
 Ninna Leni - Karthik
6 4
 Vohti Oh Leni - A.S. Kang & Sukshinder Shinda
5 4
 Leni Hana Take Out Order #2 - Eldorado Red
13 4
 Leni - Ole Biege
6 0
 Vohti Oh Leni - A.S. Kang
0 0
 Leni Riefenstahl's Tinder Box - J Church
0 0
 Ardham Leni Navvu - Sreenidhi
0 0
 Leni - Carl Davis

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Leni Reifenstahl Original Cibachrome Photo Samburu Girl Kenya Africa 1976 No. 2


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Leni

German: German diminutive of Helene or Magdalena.

Leni on the internet

lenistern.com: Leni Stern
lenismodels.com: Leni's Model Management
leni-riefenstahl.de: Leni Riefenstahl: THE NUBA / THE NUBA OF KAU
lenidesign.com.au: Leni Design
leni-breymaier.de: Leni Breymaier

Watch videos that make Leni unforgettable

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crystal castles - leni

we are all from electroland.

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Queen of The Loud House | Leni | Nickelodeon UK

Leni mostly inhabits her own little world. She's upbeat and positive, but usually confused. If you love Nickelodeon, hit the subscribe button - http://bit.ly/1Dl75Rg ...

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Placebo - Leni (Official Audio)

Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/SubscribePlacebo http://www.placeboworld.co.uk/ Placebo - Leni (Official Audio) taken from 'Black Market Music B-Sides' ...

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TUTOK ERWIN TULFO | April 5, 2018 Tatlong araw pa lang ang recount at dalawang bayan pa lang sa balwarte ni Leni sa Bicol ang nabibilang pero ...

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