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Eminent people named Lucille

Lucille Ball, Lucille Bliss, Lucille Bremer, Lucille Clifton, Lucille Hegamin, Lucille Ricksen, Lucille Teasdale-Corti, Lucille Wheeler.

What made Lucille famous

Lucille Ball is famous for a lot of reasons, but her signature red hair was one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood.
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 Lucille - Billy Currington
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 Lucille - Little Richard
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 Lucille - B.B. King
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 Lucille - Anthony Hamilton
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 Lucille - The Beatles
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 Lucille - Kenny Rogers
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 Lucille - The Everly Brothers
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 Lucille - Susie Suh
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 Lucille - BoDeans
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 Lucille - Waylon Jennings

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Dalya Berenice Lucille Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Lucille

French, English: French form of Lucilla.
French: French variant of Lucia: Light. Famous Bearer: comedienne Lucille Ball.
Latin: Light.

Lucille on the internet Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ Lucille Home | Lucille

Watch videos that make Lucille unforgettable

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Kenny Rogers - Lucille (with lyrics)

Year 1977.

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LITTLE RICHARD (Lucille, 1957) Rock & Roll Legend

Lucille (1957) by LITTLE RICHARD.

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Little Richard - Lucille (1957) [Long Version, High Quality Sound]


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Patrick Normand- Lucille

Patrick Normand - Lucille... Version originale, excellente qualité sonore!

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