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Best of name: It in SpanishNot so good: It's disgusting

Eminent people named Martina

Martina Hingis, Martina McBride, Martina Moravcová, Martina Navrátilová.
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 Martina - Barbra Streisand
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 Martina - Meryn Cadell
8 5
 La Martina - Antonio Aguilar
6 1
 Martina - Papa Wemba
16 1
 La Martina - Las Jilguerillas & Los Alegres de Terán
10 0
 Martina y Lauro - Los Terribles del Norte
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 La Martina - Jenni Rivera
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 Dreams of Martina - Hal Ketchum
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 La Martina - Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán
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 Martina - Rasputin

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Penni Berenice Martina Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Martina

German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Ancient Roman: Feminine form of Martinus (see Martin).
Latin: Feminine form of Martin: Of Mars (the Roman god of war); warlike.
Spanish: Feminine of Martin: warring.
Swedish: Warring.

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Martina - Lauis Bennet


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Exclusive Interview of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Martina, Her Boyfriend Suraj and Isha at Celebrity Face

Exclusive Interview of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Martina, Her Boyfriend Suraj and Isha Anand Sharma at Celebrity Face Studio.

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Halloween!! Pequeñas Brujas. Que bien lo pasamos haciendo este especial de Halloween con todos nuestros amigos!! Fue un día duro, pero creo que mereció ...

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