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A) because I'm interested in a well-known person named Paulina
B) because Paulina is a beloved one of mine
C) because my very own name is Paulina!
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People named Paulina on their name

Paulina (born 1998) from Germany said:
Named after: Grandmother names PaulinE

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 Paulina - No Doubt
3 0
 Paulina - The Hippos
7 0
 Paulina - The Dreadnoughts
6 0
 Paulina - Black Santiago
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 Baby Paulina - Paulina Rubio
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 Paulina - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
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 Paulina - Les Wanyika
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 Paulina - Brian Page
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 Fraulein On Paulina - The Cash Box Kings
6 2
 Paulina - Crown Records Studio Group
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 Paulina's Big Smile - The Bold And The Beautiful
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 Paulina - The V Dolls
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 Paulina Sees Angels - Andy Z

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48.5" Long Paulina Sofa Steel Leather Rivited Steel Cigar Color


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Paulina del Mar, Azul Brillante - Original Resin on Wood Panel - Abstract


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Paulina

Slovak: Slovak form of Paulina.
Spanish, Polish, Swedish, English, Ancient Roman: Feminine form of Paulinus (see Paulino).
Latin: Small.
Polish: Little.
Russian: Little.
Shakespearean: 'The Winter's Tale' Wife to Antigonus.
Swedish: Little.

Watch videos that make Paulina unforgettable

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¡Paulina se reencuentra con Carlos Daniel! | La Usurpadora - Televisa

Paulina regres├│ a la casa Bracho con la idea de enfrentar a Paola, para su sorpresa ella huy├│ y vuelve a tomar el papel de la Usurpadora. Escenas impactantes ...

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Paulina Official Video Madee ft Raymond


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La Usurpadora - Carlos Daniel pide a Paulina que se case con el

Escena de la telenovela \

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Paulina Rubio Performs \

We were in for a treat when The X Factor's own Paulina Rubio took the stage to perform \

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