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People named Rachel on their name

Rachel (born 2004) said:
Best of name: It means lamb of serenityNot so good: People always spell it wrongNamed after: I am named after Rachel in the bibleExperience: I have met 16 Rachel's in my life other than myself

People related to Rachel on the name

A user said:
Best of name: Easy pronunciationNot so good: The "CH"

Eminent people named Rachel

Rachel Billington, Rachel Bilson, Rachel Blanchard, Rachel Boston, Rachel Carson, Rachel Corrie, Rachel Donelson Jackson, Rachel Dratch, Rachel Friend, Rachel G. Fox, Rachel Gordon, Rachel Goswell, Rachel Griffiths, Rachel Hunter, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Rachel Jones, Rachel Lillis, Rachel Maddow, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Melvin, Rachel Miner, Rachel Nichols, Rachel Portman, Rachel Riley, Rachel Roberts, Rachel Scott, Rachel Simmons, Rachel Stevens, Rachel Sweet, Rachel Ticotin, Rachel True, Rachel Wacholder, Rachel Ward, Rachel Weisz, Rachel York, Rachel Z.
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 Rachel - Sleigh Bells
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 Rachel - Steven Wright
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 Rachel - Thomas Cunningham
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 Rachel - The Happy Birthday Singers
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 Rachel - Laura Fygi
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 Rachel - Gary Stewart
2 0
 Rachel - Tommy Tutone
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 Rachel - Strangefolk
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 Reuben and Rachel - The Countdown Kids
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 Rachel's Song - Vangelis
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 Rachel - Seals & Crofts

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Harini Berenice Rachel Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Rachel

English, Hebrew, French, German, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew: Means "ewe" in Hebrew.
Biblical: Sheep.
German: Lamb.
Hebrew: Ewe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.

Watch videos that make Rachel unforgettable

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Rachel's Swimming Escapade

Rachel and her dad went on a vacation in a very nice hotel that turned out to be a boring one because daddy worked the whole time! What did silly Rachel do?

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Rachel Nichols on social media drama feat. Butler, Wiggins, Stephen Jackson, more | The Jump | ESPN

Rachel Nichols of The Jump details the wild escalation that started with a report from ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski that Jimmy Butler wants out of the ...

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Rachel Levin Breaks Down Her Favorite Instagram Accounts | Teen Vogue

Rachel Levin takes to Instagram and lets us know which accounts we should all be following. Rachel shows us her go-to makeup account, her boyfriend's profile ...

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In this video, Rachel, will make a tutorial on how to take care of a baby using a doll! She will prepare food for the baby to eat, she will give it a bath and also ...

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