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C) because my very own name is Raquel!
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Raquel (born 1997) from United States, MA said:
Best of name: I love it because it is so original. It is extremely pretty in my opinion and I love the way it flows. I feel its uniqueness represents part of ny personalityNot so good: How people always say Rachel when they read my name. Or how some people pronounce it weird. And how no one can spell it eight unless told they always use a c or a k not a qNamed after: I am named after Raquel WelchExperience: When I was little I found out my name was common in Spanish speaking countries

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 Raquel - Bau
8 4
 Raquel - Kaysha
8 0
 Raquel - La Misma Gente
1 0
 Me Llamo Raquel - Banda Machos
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 Pero Raquel - Leo Dan
11 2
 Raquel - Sacha Nairobi
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 Raquel - Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
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 Raquel - La 16 Orquesta
10 0
 Raquel - Jorge Drexler
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 Mi Linda Raquel - Los Caminantes
7 6
 Raquel - Los Verdaderos Negros
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 Raquel - Grupo Santa Esmeralda

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Cryptozoic Rick and Morty sketch card Raquel Teixeira (b)


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Raquel Allegra blue tee mesh back, size m, new without tags, $260 value!


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Sexy Raquel Welch Harry Langdon Transparency w/rights 312B


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Raquel

Spanish, Portuguese, English: Spanish and Portuguese form of Rachel.
Hebrew: Innocent.
Spanish: Lamb.

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Raquel Arias - Por Que Te Fuiste Dulce Amor (2016)

Raquel Arias - Por Que Te Fuiste Dulce Amor (2016)

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Raquel prova que o vídeo de Luca Tuber é falso | As Aventuras de Poliana

SOBRE A NOVELA Escrita pela autora √ćris Abravanel e com a dira√ß√£o-geral de Reynaldo Boury, a nova novela do SBT, As Aventuras de Poliana, √© uma hist√≥ria ...

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Luca Tuber é desmascarado por Raquel | As Aventuras de Poliana - Cap. 91


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El Prodigio - Raquel (2012)

www.ElImperioMusical.Com La Potencia Musical En Tu Bocina..!!

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