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People named Rebecca on their name

Rebecca (born 2000) from New Zealand said:
Best of name: The meaning. That it is mine. I also like the good nicknames.Not so good: Because it is so popular quite a few people spell it rebbeca. Another bad thing is people sometimes give me the name rebarkerNamed after: The meaning. They also liked the sound of it.Experience: I have a friend that is in my class that has the same starting last name letter and their name is spelt the same as mine.

Rebecca (born 1989) from United States, CA said:
Best of name: Its spelled the right way.Not so good: It's nicknames aren't very interesting.Experience: I have a group of friends all names Rebecca, but all spelled differently.

Rebecca (born 1994) from United States, CO said:
Best of name: Love it, it's pretty, also love most of its nick-names. Becca, Becky, Beck, etc.Not so good: Getting the nick-name "Becca-boo"Named after: Just a nice nameExperience: Only met 2 other Rebecca's, ever.

Eminent people named Rebecca

Rebecca Adlington, Rebecca Bross, Rebecca Budig, Rebecca De Mornay, Rebecca DiPietro, Rebecca Forstadt, Rebecca Gayheart, Rebecca Gratz, Rebecca Heineman, Rebecca Helferich Clarke, Rebecca Herbst, Rebecca Holden, Rebecca Knox, Rebecca Latimer Felton, Rebecca Lobo, Rebecca Pidgeon, Rebecca Romijn, Rebecca Rosso, Rebecca Schaeffer, Rebecca Schull, Rebecca St. James, Rebecca West.
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 Rebecca - Against Me!
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 Rebecca - Meg & Dia
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 Rebecca - Pat McGee Band
8 1
 Rebecca - Longbranch/Pennywhistle
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 Rebecca - Tesla Boy
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 Rebecca - The Happy Birthday Singers
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 Rebecca - Emperors
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 Rebecca - Solar Fields
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 Rebecca - Demis Roussos
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 Rebecca - Grieves
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 Rebecca - Flo & Eddie
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 Rebecca - Super Blue
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 Rebecca - Blue Roses

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REBECCA COLLINS Rock Quartz Sterling Silver Post Earrings Bless Our Earth


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Rebecca

French: French form of Rebecca.
English, Italian, Swedish, Biblical, Biblical Latin: From the Hebrew name "Rivqah", possibly meaning "a snare" in Hebrew, or perhaps derived from an Aramaic name.
Hebrew: Variant of Rebekah: Captivating; knotted cord.

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[720p] Alfred Hitchcock - Rebecca (1940 ) Subtitulado


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Do Not Try This! Rebecca jumps off balcony at the Leblanc's. (Day 365)

Rebecca tries to jump off of a balcony at the Leblanc's house. Do not try this at home kids. Make Sure To Hit the & Turn on Our Notifications SHARE THIS ...

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ZAFUL SHOPLOG met veel zomerkleding ☀️💕| REBECCA DENISE

LINKS BELOW! YAAY! Eindelijk weer eens een shoplog. Ik plaatste weer een bestelling mij Zaful en ontving een heleboel zomeritems. *deze video is in ...

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Pranking Matt with Paint in His Shampoo!

Rebecca pranks Matt with Pink Paint in his shampoo. See what happens when this wife starts prank wars with her husband after seeing a video by Cole Sav and ...

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