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Eminent people named Sandy

Sandy Alderson, Sandy Amorós, Sandy Burnett, Sandy Dennis, Sandy Denny, Sandy Duncan, Sandy Gall, Sandy Koufax, Sandy Nelson, Sandy Posey, Sandy Weill, Sandy Wilson.

What made Sandy famous

Sandy Hook Bay is known for miles of pristine beaches, as well as salt marshes, marine forests and, on clear days, sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline.
Sandy Duncan is perhaps best-known for her role in "Peter Pan," her stint on the television show "The Hogan Family," and her perky commercials for Wheat Thin crackers.
Sandy Neck is known for but stick with the main marsh trail longer and you will get a better view of them.
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 Sandy - John Travolta
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 Sandy - Aaron Tveit
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 Sandy - Max Crumm & Kimberly Grigsby
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 Sandy - Papercuts
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 Sandy - Richie Havens
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 Sandy - Dion & The Belmonts
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 Sandy - Carpenters
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 Sandy - Neil Halstead
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 Sandy - Larry Hall
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 Sandy - John Barrowman
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 Sandy - Ronny & The Daytonas
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 Sandy - NU'EST

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Locate places called 'Sandy':

<< Sandy, UT, USA (UT, Salt Lake)

Historic meaning and origin of the name Sandy

English: Originally a diminutive of Alexander.
Greek: Feminine form of Alexander: Defender; protector of mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great.

Sandy on the internet Sandy Spring Bank

Watch videos that make Sandy unforgettable

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Sandy, Xororó - Meu Disfarce

Clique aqui e ouça a música: SIGA SANDY: ...

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Sandy, Xororó - Nós VOZ Eles - Episódio: Meu Disfarce

Clique aqui e ouça a música: SIGA SANDY: ...

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Sandy & Khashayar Azar - Amine OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

join Sandy & all your favorites artist: SANDY & KHASHAYAR AZAR song: AMINE label: AVANG MUSIC director: ALEX FERRA ...

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Grease - Sandy.. (1978)

americký muzikál (1978)..podľa rovnomenného divadelného muzikálu Warrena Caseyho a Jima Jacobsa z roku 1971 o dvoch zaľúbených na konci 50. rokov na ...

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