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Selma (born 1943) from United States said:
Best of name: I was named Selma for my Great grandmother, Selma Siemer Burghardt. I find the name to be unique !Not so good: Many people have told me that it IS NOT a Swedish name. Just because there is a name , Salma, in the Arabic language doesn't mean that it is not European ALSO !Experience: I know no other Selmas.

Eminent people named Selma

Selma Björnsdóttir, Selma Blair, Selma Lagerlöf.
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 Selma - This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb
13 5
 Selma - Remembering Never
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 Selma Drye - Kellie Pickler
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 Selma - Gary Owen
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 Selma - Bijelo Dugme
17 6
 Selma - Rob Houchen, Dana Al Fardan & Nadim Naaman
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 Selma - Michael Brook
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 Selma - 3 Mustaphas 3

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Michael Kors New Selma Studded Crossbody Satchel


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Music hall juggler Selma Braatz, niece of Clara Braatz. Signed postcard


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Isha Berenice Selma Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Selma

English, German, Scandinavian: Meaning unknown, possibly a short form of Anselma.
Celtic: Comely.
Egyptian: Secure.
German: Feminine diminutive of Anselm: God's helmet.
Muslim: Variant of Salma: Peaceful. Pacifist.
Teutonic: Divine helmet. A feminine derivative of Anselm.

Selma on the internet Welcome to Selma Unified School District :: Selma, CA

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Selma Bridge Scene


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Maybeauty facemask kortingscode: kortingscode: selmaface30 (#ditmaskerismijnfave!) Vergeet je niet te abonneren wanneer ...

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Selma Movie - Glory Lyric Video

One dream can change the world. SELMA stars David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King, Jr. Special engagements in select theaters Christmas Day, everywhere ...

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Selma: Crash Course Film Criticism #3

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