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Simone (born 2003) from United States, CO said:
Best of name: Not a lot of people are named Simone, and it means dreamer in italian, and I have big dreamsNot so good: EverythingNamed after: They found the name beautiful and caring and sweetExperience: I was once called simon on a trip not Simone

Eminent people named Simone

Simone Beck, Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira, Simone Inzaghi, Simone Moro, Simone Perrotta, Simone Signoret, Simone Simon, Simone Simons, Simone Veil, Simone Weil, Simone Young, Simone de Oliveira.

What made Simone famous

Simone Signoret was known for her portrayal of fallen romantic heroines and headstrong older women.
Simone Weil (1909-1943) was known for the intensity of her commitments and the breadth and depth of her analysis of numerous aspects of modern civilization.
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 Simone - Boz Scaggs
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 Simone - Donna Lewis
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 Simone - Gregg Karukas
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 Simone - Goldfrapp
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 Simone - The Stone Roses
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 Simone - Calla
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 Simone - Cristian Castro
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 Simone - Frank Foster
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 Simone - Meryn Cadell

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Heinrich Handwerck Simon Halbig, 34" Antique German doll, Brunette with teeth #7


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Simon De Charmes London Verge Fusee Pocket Watch One Case Running


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Vintage Rare Shane surfboard Shaped By Simon Anderson Circa 1973


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Simone

French, English: French feminine form of Simon.
French: Heard.
Greek: Feminine form of Simon: Snub-nosed.
Hebrew: Loud.

Simone on the internet Guillermo Simone S.A. - Concesionario Oficial Ford Simone FM The Simone Vitale Band Da ingegnere a medico. Piccolo Cabotaggio II | Simone Perotti – Parole in …

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Simone PROCURO OLVIDARTE | TVE1 | Espanha | 1991

Cantora SIMONE Bittencourt de Oliveira Procuro Olvidarte (Ana Magdalena/Manuel Alejandro) TVE1 - Espanha | 1991 CAFÉ SIMONE ...

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The Kik - Simone (Official Video)

De offciele video voor Simone, de eerste single van The Kik's debuutalbum 'Springlevend' uit op 29 mei op Excelsior Recordings en Top Notch. Regie: Maarten ...

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Simone Biles – Floor Exercise – 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships – Senior Women Day 2

Score: 14.700 (6.6, 8.200, -0.1) Aug. 19, 2018 – TD Garden – Boston, Mass. Hit that LIKE button to show your support for USA Gymnastics! SUBSCRIBE to the ...

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Simone - Em Boa Companhia - DVD Completo

Show completo do álbum \

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