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Adam (born 1993) from United Kingdom said:
Best of name: Because ime rock hardNot so good: Because ime rock hardNamed after: Because ime rock hardExperience: Because ime rock hard

Eminent people named Adam

Adam Arkin, Adam Baldwin, Adam Biddle, Adam Boyd, Adam Brody, Adam Carroll, Adam Carson, Adam Clayton, Adam Cooney, Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Adam Darski, Adam Deadmarsh, Adam Dunn, Adam Duritz, Adam Eaton, Adam Everett, Adam Faith, Adam Fleming, Adam Garcia, Adam Gib, Adam Gilchrist, Adam Goldberg, Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger, Adam Graves, Adam Green, Adam Hann-Byrd, Adam Hicks, Adam Hills, Adam Hollioake, Adam Jennings, Adam Johnson, Adam Jones, Adam LaVorgna, Adam Lambert, Adam Loewen, Adam Matthews, Adam Małysz, Adam Michnik, Adam Morrison, Adam Opel, Adam Osborne, Adam Petty, Adam Piatt, Adam Pine, Adam Quick, Adam Quinn, Adam Raphael, Adam Rickitt, Adam Savage, Adam Sevani, Adam Sinclair, Adam Tanner, Adam Wade, Adam Walker, Adam Watts, Adam West, Adam Woodyatt, Adam Yellin, Adam Zagajewski, Adam von Trott zu Solz.

What made Adam famous

Adam Smith is famous for founding economics as an independent field of study by synthesising and systemizing classical economics in The Wealth of Nations.
Adam Bakri is an actor best known for playing lead role in Hany Abu-Assad's film Omar which made the 86th Academy Awards's shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film.
Adam Levine is the Grammy Award-winning frontman of Maroon 5, known for such pop hits as "This Love" and "Moves Like Jagger."
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 Adam - Meshell Ndegeocello
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 Adam - Richie Havens
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 A'dam - The Smiling Buddhas
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 Adam - The Happy Birthday Singers
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 Adam - Henry Jackman
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 Adam & Noah's Priorities - X Ambassadors

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Adams "Monette Style" Trumpet - A4 LT .470 Bore Satin Gold Lacquer


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Original artwork : Neal Adams Sketch circa 1969 (The Spectre)


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Adam

Hungarian: Hungarian form of Adam.
English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew: This is the Hebrew word for "man".
Biblical: Earthy; red.
English: Of the red earth.
Hebrew: Red, a reference to either the red skin or the red earth of Eden from which the Old Testament Adam was created in Genesis 2. Famous bearer: 7th century Irish St Adamnan, meaning 'little adam', was the biographer of St Columba.
Muslim: The Biblical Adam is the English language equivalent.

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Adam - Awal Habib (Official Lyric Video) | أدم - أول حبيب

Adam - Awal Habib (Official Lyrics Audio) | أدم - أول حبيب Lyrics By: Ahmad Madi Composed By: Salah El Kerdi Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh Mix and Master: ...

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Adam - Majrou7 (Official Lyric Video) | أدم - مجروح

Adam - Majrou7 (Official Lyric Video) | أدم - مجروح كلمات: رميا بدور ألحان و توزيع: رضوان نصري Follow Adam on: Facebook:

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Adam Savage's Least Favorite Material for Making

Adam is delighted to answer a question he's never been asked before at a panel: what's his least favorite material to build with? This was recorded as part of ...

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Adam Thielen's 12 Catches, 131 Yards & TD vs. Green Bay!

Check out the best plays from Adam Thielen against Green Bay! The Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season.

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