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People named Adrian on their name

Adrian (born 1986) from United States, SC said:
Best of name: Has a quasi Native American soundNot so good: Sounds like a foreigner to manyNamed after: 1/8 cherokee and rest IrishExperience: Met one in college . Also trace of indian blood

Adrian from Vietnam said:
Best of name: Name adrinan

Eminent people named Adrian

Adrian Adonis, Adrian Anca, Adrian Annus, Adrian Bakalli, Adrian Belew, Adrian Bellani, Adrian Borland, Adrian Burnside, Adrian Chiles, Adrian Conan Doyle, Adrian Cristea, Adrian Cristobal, Adrian D'Souza, Adrian Dantley, Adrian Devine, Adrian Edmondson, Adrian Erlandsson, Adrian Fenty, Adrian Fernández, Adrian Gonzalez, Adrian Grenier, Adrian Griffin, Adrian Hurley, Adrian Kuiper, Adrian Legg, Adrian Lester, Adrian Lewis, Adrian Lyne, Adrian Moorhouse, Adrian Mutu, Adrian Newey, Adrian Pasdar, Adrian Paul, Adrian Peterson, Adrian R'Mante, Adrian Smith, Adrian Street, Adrian Sutil, Adrian Tomine, Adrian Vandenberg, Adrian Ward, Adrian Zaugg, Adrian Zmed, Adrián Beltré, Adrián Campos, Adrián Vallés, Adrián Varela, Sir Adrian Boult.

What made Adrian famous

Adrian Gernier or "A" as his close friends call him, is famous for his role as Vincent Chase on HBO's Entourage.
Adrian Smith is famous for changing hairstyles frequently.
Adrian Lamo is famous for his attempts to identify security flaws on the networks of Fortune 500 companies and notifying them if he found them.
Adrian Grenier' is famous for his role as Vincent Chase in Entourage, the original series telecasted on HBO.
Adrian Paul Hewett (born 29 May 1959), better known as Adrian Paul, is an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod.
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 Adrian - Jewel
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 Adrian - The Mary Nixons
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 Adrian - Eurythmics
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 Adrian - Bill Conti
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 Adrian - Mason Jennings
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 Adrian Makes It Rain - Everyone Dies In Utah

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2007 Exquisite Collection Adrian Peterson ROOKIE RC AUTO PATCH /99 BGS 9 (PWCC)


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Adrian Peterson Autographed Replica Football Helmet! Minnesota Vikings! PSA CoA!


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WW1 Trench Art French Adrian Helmet Inkwell & Original Full size Helmet


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Adrian

Spanish: Spanish form of Hadrianus (see Hadrian).
English, Romanian, Polish, German, Russian: Form of Hadrianus (see Hadrian).
English: From the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
Latin: Black; dark; of the Adriatic.
Shakespearean: 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' A Volscian. 'The Tempest' A lord.

Adrian on the internet Adrian College Adrian Welcome to the City of Adrian, Michigan | City of Adrian

Watch videos that make Adrian unforgettable

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Miraculous LadyBug-- Adrian/Akuma(Not strong enough)


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Adrian Minune - Copiii mei (septembrie 2018 ) HIT !!

LIKE Vizitati site-ul artistului Pentru contactarea solistului sunati la : 0760.111.111 ...

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Namari Baachey - Phiroj & Adrian

Namari Baanchey - Phiroj & Adrian Album - La Hai Lyrics/ Music - Phiroj Shyangden Arrangements - Phiroj Shyangden , Adrian Pradhan & Frendz Guitars ...

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Vegetarisk tacosoppa - Typ 7 stora potatisar - Typ 5 morötter - 1,5 gul lök - 2-3 vitlöksklyftor - 1 burk passerade tomater - 1,5 burk salsa, medium - Typ 1-1,5 paket ...

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