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Eminent people named Albert

Albert Abraham Michelson, Albert Alonzo Ames, Albert Ayler, Albert Band, Albert Belle, Albert Bierstadt, Albert Brooks, Albert Bustamante, Albert Calmette, Albert Camus, Albert Castelyns, Albert Celades, Albert Claude, Albert Cohen, Albert Costa, Albert Dieudonné, Albert Finney, Albert Fish, Albert Francis Blakeslee, Albert Goldthorpe, Albert Gore Sr., Albert Gottschalk, Albert Gustaf Dahlman, Albert Hall, Albert Hammond, Albert Hill, Albert II, Albert II of Germany, Albert III, Albert Jacka, Albert Jorquera, Albert Kesselring, Albert King, Albert Lamorisse, Albert Lebrun, Albert Leduc, Albert Lortzing, Albert Luque, Albert Marque, Albert Meyer, Albert Mol, Albert Murray, Albert Payson Terhune, Albert Pierrepoint, Albert Pujols, Albert Roussel, Albert Salmi, Albert Sarraut, Albert Schweitzer, Albert Scott Crossfield, Albert Shiryaev, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Albert Tucker, Albert Uderzo, Albert Victor Bäcklund, Albert Voorn, Albert Weisbord, Prince Albert Victor, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Sir Albert Richardson.
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 Albert - Belmont
11 3
 Albert - Langston Hughes
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 Albert - Albert
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 Albert Flasher - The Guess Who
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 Misty Morning, Albert Bridge - The Pogues
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 Fat Albert (Buck, Buck) - Bill Cosby
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 Frankie and Albert - Taj Mahal
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 Captain Albert Alexander - Steam Powered Giraffe

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Outstanding Antique Solid 18ct Gold Albert Watch Chain 58.6 gms.


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Superb Solid 9ct Rose Gold Graduated Double Albert Watch Chain. 49.3 gms.


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Albert

English, French, German, Slovene, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Ancient Germanic: From the Germanic name Adalbert, which was composed of the elements adal "noble" and beraht "bright".
English: Noble, bright. From the Old German name Adalbert. Famous bearers: Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's consort who gave enthusiastic support to the applications of science. Albert Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity.
German: Intelligent or noble.
Hungarian: Bright or noble.
Swedish: Strong as a bear.
Teutonic: Illustrious.

Albert on the internet AP US History Practice Questions | Albert

Watch videos that make Albert unforgettable

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Albert Dyrlund - Albert Dans [Official Video]

Hør \

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that one fat albert episode where the kid gets shot and dies

also its a cut down 15 minute version without a laugh track that was given to schools in the 80s.

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Oh No! The end of Albert?

Something terrible happened...

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Albert - Ottobre


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