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Eminent people named Andre

Andre Adams, Andre Agassi, Andre Andersen, Andre Braugher, Andre Breton, Andre Carter, Andre Dawson, Andre Dirrell, Andre Dubus, Andre Ethier, Andre Fluellen, Andre Gower, Andre Iguodala, Andre Johnson, Andre Marrou, Andre Matos, Andre Michael Lwoff, Andre Michelin, Andre Nickatina, Andre Norton, Andre Reed, Andre Royo, Andre Watts, André Action Diakité Jackson, André Bessette, André Boulerice, André Breton, André Bureau, André Chénier, André Claveau, André Couto, André Ducharme, André Dupont, André Franquin, André François, André Frédéric Cournand, André Gide, André Heinz, André Kostolany, André Kuipers, André Le Nôtre, André Leducq, André Lévêque, André Malraux, André Marie Constant Duméril, André Masson, André Masséna, André Mathieu, André Messager, André Michaux, André Milhoux, André Ooijer, André Previn, André Pronovost, André Ribeiro, André Rouvoet, André Tardieu, André Viger, André Wickström, André van Duin.

What made Andre famous

Andre Agassi is best known for his strong, smart playing style, which helped him win tennis championships throughout the 1990s.
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 Andre N Andre - Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre
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 A Life In the of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete) - Outkast
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 Andre the Giant - Prof

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3 1990 WWF Hasbro Action Figures Andre the Giant Rhodes Beefcake


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Andre

English: English form of André.
French, Portuguese: French and Portuguese form of Andrew.
English: Variant of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew.
French: Masculine; manly; brave.
Portuguese: Manly; brave. Variant of English Andrew.
Scottish: Variant of Andrew: Manly. From the Greek Andrew. Has long been a popular Scottish name, because St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland after whom the town of St Andrews was named.

Andre on the internet André’s Confiserie Suisse

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La familia LOL Pharaoh Babe encuentra un tesoro | Muñecas y juguetes con Andre para niñas y niños

La familia LOL Pharaoh Babe encuentra un tesoro con bolsitas sorpresa de muñecas LOL Surprise. Entretenimiento y diversion en español con los mejores ...

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ANDRE & NINI SHERMADINI - Tsaghikneri Ashkharhum // ԱՆԴՐԵ & ՆԻՆԻ - Ծաղիկների աշխարհում

ANDRE & NINI SHERMADINI - Tsaxikneri Ashxarhum Director & Producer: Anush Hovnanyan Idea: George Harutyunyan First Camera & Drone Operator: Zura ...

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JoJo - Andre (Official Video)

Youtube: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: ...

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The Best of Ini Talkshow - Nahloh, Andre Tama Kepergok Sama Wishnutama

SUBSCRIBE Netmediatama Official Youtube Channel: Homepage : Twitter: ...

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