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People named Bart on their name

Bart (born 1994) from Hungary said:
Best of name: It's Bertalan in Hungarian. It sounds well, it's manly, and has a Greek origin.Not so good: Sometimes it sounds a bit strange, because Bertalan isn't so common in HungaryNamed after: They like Greek names.Experience: Too much experience to tell.....

Eminent people named Bart

Bart Brentjens, Bart Cummings, Bart Scott, Bart Stupak, Bart Veldkamp.

What made Bart famous

Bart Simpson is famous for making funny prank phone calls but his latest could be his most ingenious yet.
Bart Berman, an internationally acclaimed concert pianist with a wide-ranging classical repertoire, is best known for his interpretations of Franz Schubert and 20th Century music.
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 Black Bart - Volbeat
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 Bart's Doodle - Hans Zimmer
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 The Ten Commandments of Bart - The Simpsons
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 Bart Simpson - Princess Nokia
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 Black Bart - 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
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 Cruise Ship Security - Bart & Sid - Bob and Tom
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 Interview With Bart, Pt. 15 - MercyMe

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Bart Reiter 12" Round Peak 5 String Open Back Banjo


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1997 Upper Deck Legends Bart Starr AUTO #AL1


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Bart Starr, Jim Taylor, Gregg & Thurston "Packer Sweep" 4 HoF Autographs 16 x 20


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Antonio Haden Bart Glenn
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Bart

English, Dutch: Short form of Bartholomew.
English: From the barley farm.
Hebrew: Ploughman. A diminutive of Bartholomew. Famous bearer: London's St Bartholomew's Hospital is frequently called 'Bart's'.

Bart on the internet | Bay Area Rapid Transit

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Reason why Bart has Spiky hairstyle

Reason why Bart has Spiky hairstyle.

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Bart in Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei

Bart is lekker aan het voetballen met z'n vriendjes. Maar plotseling struikelt hij en heeft hij erge pijn aan zijn enkel. Er zit niets anders op... Bart moet naar het ...

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Bart Bullies The Bully!


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Bart Simpsons getting hurt montage


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