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C) because my very own name is Beau!
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A user from United Kingdom said:
Best of name: It is sexyNot so good: Its not common

A user from United States, NM said:
Best of name: He is super hot, sweet, kind, lovable a good kisser with nice absNot so good: He broke my heart

Eminent people named Beau

Beau Billingslea, Beau Brady, Beau Bridges, Beau Brummell, Beau Dowler, Beau McDonald.

What made Beau famous

Beau Brummell was the early incarnation of "the celebrity," a man chiefly famous for being famous—in his case, as a laconically witty clothes-horse.
Beau Jocque is known for his gruff vocals, his fusion of many musical styles onto zydeco, and above all, for the powerful energy of his rhythm and sound.
Beau Brummel is known for being a dandy and an innovator in dress.
Beau Mac' is known for his warm personality, endearing laugh and love of family and friends.

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Fabulous Illinois "Beau Monde" 21-Jewel Wristwatch, White Gold-Filled, ca. 1932


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Adorable. New. Beautiful white fluffy angora polo neck jumper. Tres beau. WOW


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VTG Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Demi Sets Signed Beau Jewels, and More LotQ


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Antonio Dharmendu Beau Glenn
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Beau

English: Means "beautiful" in French.
French: Handsome. Famous namesakes: 19th-century British dandy Beau Brummell, AKA George Bryan Brummell; French Foreign Legion fictional hero Beau Geste.

Beau on the internet BeAU is now Beaumont Professional & Medical Education Beau's Bloomfield

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Bosquito - Asa ca beau

an old song...but it's still pretty good :D.

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Abonneer je hier: - Wil je meer over mij weten? Instagram: Snapchat: beautje25 ...

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Abonneer je hier: - Anne-jet haar kanaal: - Wil je meer ...

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Amazing jam by Beau Monga - Sneak Peek audition from The X Factor NZ

The X Factor NZ premieres this Sunday 7pm and continues Monday and Tuesday 7.30pm on TV3 Get all the latest: ...

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