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A user from France said:
Best of name: It's my favourite name for boys because the singer of my favourite band is called Bill Kaulitz

A user from Brazil said:
Best of name: Ist short, cute and interestingNot so good: Everything abaut his name is perfect

Eminent people named Bill

Bill Anders, Bill Anderson, Bill Atkinson, Bill Baker, Bill Barber, Bill Beaumont, Bill Bellamy, Bill Berry, Bill Bruford, Bill Bryson, Bill Butler, Bill Campbell, Bill Cobbs, Bill Cosby, Bill Cratty, Bill Dana, Bill Duggan, Bill Duke, Bill Dundee, Bill Elliott, Bill Engvall, Bill Freehan, Bill Frisell, Bill Goldberg, Bill Hader, Bill Haley, Bill Handel, Bill Hemmer, Bill Hicke, Bill Hicks, Bill Holland, Bill Hunter, Bill King, Bill Klem, Bill Kreutzmann, Bill Mauldin, Bill Maynard, Bill Monroe, Bill Mosienko, Bill Murphy, Bill Murray, Bill Musselman, Bill Nicholson, Bill Nunn, Bill Oddie, Bill Osmanski, Bill Phillips, Bill Pinkney, Bill Plympton, Bill Richardson, Bill Ritter, Bill Sage, Bill Steer, Bill Terry, Bill Todman, Bill Towers, Bill Troiano, Bill Veeck, Bill Virdon, Bill Withers.
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 Bill - Peggy Scott-Adams
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 Bill - Jane Monheit & Michael Kanan
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 Bill - Audra McDonald
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 Bill - Talking Heads
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 Bill - Sally Burgess
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 Bill - Tin Hat Trio
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 Chill Bill (feat. J. Davi$ & Spooks) - Rob $tone
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 Bill Gates - Lil Wayne
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 Bill - Margaret Whiting
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 Bill - Natalia Zukerman
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 Bill - Helen Morgan
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 Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston
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 Bill - Ava Gardner

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1957 Topps Basketball Bill Russell SP ROOKIE RC #77 PSA 7 NRMT (PWCC-PQ)


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Bill

English: Short form of William.
English: Nickname for William 'resolute protector' often used as an independent name.
German: Diminutive of William: Will-helmet. Famous Bearers: poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and William Wordsworth (1770-1850).

Bill on the internet Bill O'Reilly | No Spin News

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Peggy Scott - Bill

Peggy Scott.

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Monologue: Split Decision | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including midterm election results and Trump's firing of Jeff ...

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Bill O'Reilly Discusses the Chaotic Florida Recount

Bill O'Reilly talks about the chaos surrounding the Florida midterm election recount and the potential for voter fraud. Watch Newsmax TV on DirecTV 349, Dish ...

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Malcolm-Jamal Warner Talks Fatherhood, Marriage & Bill Cosby

Malcolm-Jamal Warner dishes about his FOX show, fatherhood and reveals if he's spoken with Bill Cosby since he went to prison.

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