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People named Chris on their name

Chris (born 1961) from United States, LA said:
Best of name: A lot of famous people are named ChrisNot so good: Cant think of anyNamed after: Just liked it, also born in December close to ChristmasExperience: I meet many people named Chris, I also get to play Kris Kringle

Chris (born 1964) from United States, NE said:
Best of name: Phonetically pleasing, the chr spelling, named for christ and christmasNot so good: So popular I never look when it is called out, and although many items of my childhood had the name chris on them they were always sold outNamed after: I was born on christmas day and one of my sisters had a good friend named chrisExperience: I tried changing it to something unique, but have now come to accept and celebrate the normality

Eminent people named Chris

Chris Adams, Chris Basak, Chris Benoit, Chris Bonington, Chris Booker, Chris Carmack, Chris Carrabba, Chris Castle, Chris Chavis, Chris Chelios, Chris Cheney, Chris Clark, Chris Cooper, Chris Diamantopoulos, Chris Doran, Chris Dreja, Chris Drury, Chris Dudley, Chris Fehn, Chris Ferguson, Chris Foreman, Chris Gomez, Chris Haslam, Chris Hughes, Chris Isaak, Chris Jericho, Chris Klein, Chris Lowell, Chris Mars, Chris Mason, Chris Massoglia, Chris McIntosh, Chris Moneymaker, Chris Moyles, Chris Old, Chris Osgood, Chris Parks, Chris Parnell, Chris Paul, Chris Poland, Chris Potter, Chris Pratt, Chris Raab, Chris Riggott, Chris Rock, Chris Sabin, Chris Sanders, Chris Sarandon, Chris Schenkel, Chris Shays, Chris Shepherd, Chris Simms, Chris Trousdale, Chris Wallace, Chris Whitley, Chris Willsher, Chris Wood, Chris Young, Chris de Burgh, Chris von der Ahe.
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 Chris - C418
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 Chris - Pat Metheny Group

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Chris

English, Dutch: Short form of Christopher, Christian, Christine, and other names that begin with Chris.
English: Diminutive of Christian: Follower of Christ. Chris is used as a diminutive of many masculine and feminine names beginning with Chris-, including Christian, Christina, Christine, and Christopher.
Greek: Diminutive of Christopher: From the Greek word meaning 'carrier of Christ', Famous bearer: St Christopher, patron Saint of travellers, is believed to have carried the Christ-child across a river.

Chris on the internet Chris | Digital assistant for drivers Chris Brown Chris 180 | Changing Directions. Changing Lives

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Chris Broussard on Jimmy Butler's trade to the 76ers, talks Melo's decline | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd on today's show to discuss the Minnesota Timberwolves trading away Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers. He also ...

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Bekommen wir ENDLICH eine WOHNUNG ?! VERMIETER ruft an! | Max und Chris

Heute, Bekommen wir ENDLICH eine WOHNUNG ?! VERMIETER ruft an! Wir sind so aufgeregt! Der Vermieter der Wohnung, die Chris und Carina besichtigt ...

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Heute, Emotionale Geburtstagrede für Mama und Oma! Wir haben usn für den Geburtstag von unserer Mama und Oma eine kleine Rede einfallen lassen.

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Chris Paul compliments Carmelo Anthony, James Harden talks win vs. Pacers | NBA Sound

After the Houston Rockets beat the Indiana Pacers 115-103 at home, Chris Paul discusses what winning at home means and (1:50) says “Melo has been great” ...

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