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I did a search for Cortez ...

A) because I'm interested in a well-known person named Cortez
B) because Cortez is a beloved one of mine
C) because my very own name is Cortez!
D) but I'm just browsing

People named Cortez on their name

Cortez (born 2000) from United States, TN said:
Best of name: Cortez is a savage nameNot so good: Everything is good about thhe nameNamed after: Im named after a football player named cortez allen

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 Cortez the Killer - Dave Matthews Band
14 0
 Method Acting / Cortez the Killer - Dave Rawlings Machine
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 Cortez the Killer - Neil Young
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 Cortez the Killer - Gov't Mule
9 4
 Sea of Cortez - Michael Brook
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 Cortez the Killer - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
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 Cortez - Jay Worthy, Mitchy Slick & DJ.Fresh
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 Cortez the Killer (Live) - Built to Spill
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 Black Cortez - King Lil G
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 Cortez the Killer - Matthew Sweet
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 Cortez - Devin Lauder
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 El Cortez - Home & Garden
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 Gregorio Cortez - Lorenzo Antonio Y Sparx

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Hagen Renaker California DW Black Don Cortez Mustang Horse Figurine


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Vintage Cortez Japan GLP22 Electric Guitar


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Costa Del Mar Black Frame 100% Polarized 580P Lenses CZ 11 OGP Cortez Brand New


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<< Cortez, CO, USA (CO, Montezuma)

Historic meaning and origin of the name Cortez

Spanish: Courteous. Variant of Curtis. The Spanish explorer and adventurer Cortez conquered the Aztec civilization of Mexico with only a small expeditionary force.

Cortez on the internet Front Page | The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail Cortèz - High-performance outerwear, straight from the ...

Watch videos that make Cortez unforgettable

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Jake Tapper Tries To Ambush Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Join the TYT Army: Jake Tapper couldn't hide his establishment bias during an interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cenk Uygur and ...

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Cuomo presses Ocasio-Cortez on healthcare

Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Republicans are happy to pay for tax cuts and \

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Ocasio-Cortez Still Can’t Tell How She’ll Pay For Her Socialist Agenda Months After Winning Primary

Confronted by Jake Tapper, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is unable to explain how she is going to be able to pay for her socialist policies.

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Democrat Ocasio-Cortez fails to explain her $40T plan

Fox News contributor Dan Henninger explains why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stumbles when trying to explain how she's going to pay for her socialist platform.

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