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People named David on their name

Eminent people named David

David Aardsma, David Bacani, David Barbe, David Beckham, David Bedford, David Ben-Gurion, David Blunkett, David Bradley, David Breashears, David Britz, David Brock, David Broome CBE, David Buss, David Caruso, David Collenette, David DeLuise, David Denman, David Eccles, David Eckstein, David Eisenberg, David Faustino, David Gates, David Gower, David Greene, David Hasselhoff, David Hilbert, David Jack, David Jayne Hill, David Keuning, David Lange, David Livingstone, David Mamet, David Mauro, David Miliband, David Morrissey, David Nail, David Oistrakh, David P. Sartor, David Paterson, David Paymer, David Pelletier, David Pinkney , David R. Brower, David Richards, David Rittenhouse, David Roe, David Scott, David Shore, David Souter, David Strathairn, David Suchet, David Teniers III, David Tibet, David Tyree, David Vitter, David Watkin, David Wells, David Wenham, David Yow, Sir David Robinson.

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Pro Tour 25th Anniversary Silver Showcase Deck – David Williams


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Historic meaning and origin of the name David

Hungarian, Slovak: Hungarian and Slovak form of David.
English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Czech, Slovene, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Biblical, Biblical Latin: From the Hebrew name "Dawid", which was probably derived from Hebrew "dwd" meaning "beloved".
Biblical: 'Well-beloved, dear'.
Hebrew: Beloved or friend. The Old Testament David killed the giant Goliath in 10th Century BC, then succeeded Saul as King of Israel.
Scottish: Beloved or friend, adopted from the Hebrew. David was a common name of Scottish kings in the Middle Ages.
Swedish: Beloved.
Welsh: Beloved or friend, from the Hebrew. Sixth century St David (or Dewi) was patron saint of Wales.

David on the internet

davidsbridal.com: David's Bridal - Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses & Gowns

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David Dobrik Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

David Dobrik takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Is David Dobrik from Slovakia?

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No, David!, It's Christmas, David and others by David Shannon - Books for kids read aloud!

No, David! David Goes to School David Gets in Trouble It's Christmas, David Oops! Oh, David! David Smells All books by David Shannon Buy the books: No, ...

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David Wilcock Update 13 December 2018

Hope you like the content of the story,\

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David Dunn - Oh Holy Night (Official Audio)


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