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Eminent people named Deacon

Deacon Jones, Deacon White.
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 Deacon - Royal Thunder
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 Deacon Blues - Steely Dan
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 The Deacon's Last Words - Jerry Clower
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 Break Down Ft. Deacon from C.U.R.F.E.W. - Dre' Sr.
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 Deacon & The Dun - Red Steagall
2 3
 The Deacon - Brute Force
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 Deacon's Speech - James Newton Howard
10 2
 The Deacon's Hop - Big Jay McNeely
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 Deacon Blues - The Bad Sneakers Orchestra

Watch or bid on odd Deacon collectibles on eBay

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Antique English Longcase Grandfather Clock Painted Dial C1824 Deacon Of Barton


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1909-11 T206 DEACON PHILLIPPE Pittsburgh Pirates EL PRINCIPE DE GALES Graded SGC


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Poll: Which name is most likely to be welcomed by a new mother-in-law ?

Antonio Eray Deacon Glenn
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<< Deacon, IN 46994, USA (IN, Cass)

Historic meaning and origin of the name Deacon

English (Modern): Either from the occupational surname Deacon or directly from the vocabulary word deacon, which refer to a cleric in the Christian church (ultimately from Latin decanus meaning "chief of ten").
English: Dusty one; servant.
Greek: Dusty one; servant.

Deacon on the internet Deacon

Watch videos that make Deacon unforgettable

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Fallout 4 - Deacon's Intel on the Sole Survivor (All Options)

Deacon will use the Sole Survivor's past actions to introduce them to Desdemona. Mods used: Proto Vault Suit by nitronizer ...

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Deacon Davis singing that old gospel song.

Old school're never too old to praise God!

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NASHVILLE on CMT | Deacon and Jessie Break Up

Jessie and Deacon face the decision they've been dreading to make. Catch new episodes of Nashville Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT. SUBSCRIBE to CMT: ...

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Rayna & Deacon Get Married (Nashville)

Rayna & Deacon get Married to the song - When The Right One Comes Along by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio.

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