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Eminent people named Dennis

Dennis Anderson, Dennis Archer, Dennis Armfield, Dennis Banks, Dennis Bayne Culp, Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Brain, Dennis Brutus, Dennis Byrd, Dennis Chavez, Dennis Cole, Dennis Cooper, Dennis Danell, Dennis Day, Dennis DeYoung, Dennis Dugan, Dennis Dunaway, Dennis Eckersley, Dennis Edwards, Dennis Farina, Dennis Firestone, Dennis Franz, Dennis Gabor, Dennis Gentry, Dennis Haskins, Dennis Hastert, Dennis Haysbert, Dennis Hopper, Dennis Hull, Dennis James, Dennis Johnson, Dennis Knight, Dennis Kucinich, Dennis Lehane, Dennis Locorriere, Dennis Lyxzén, Dennis Martínez, Dennis Maruk, Dennis Miller, Dennis Moran, Dennis Morgan, Dennis Muren, Dennis Nilsen, Dennis O'Keefe, Dennis Oh, Dennis Patrick, Dennis Potter, Dennis Prager, Dennis Priestley, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Rader, Dennis Ralston, Dennis Ray Boyd, Dennis Ritchie, Dennis Rodman, Dennis Rommedahl, Dennis Sarfate, Dennis Scott, Dennis Skinner, Dennis Stratton, Dennis Taylor, Dennis Tito, Dennis Trillo, Dennis Turner, Dennis Viollet, Dennis Waterman, Dennis Weaver, Dennis Wheatley, Dennis Wilson, Dennis Wise, Dennis Zine.

What made Dennis famous

Dennis Quaid is an actor known for a wide variety of films, from Breaking Away to Dreamscape to Postcards from the Edge.
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 Dennis - Badfinger
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 Dennis - Roy Blair
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 Dennis Steals the Embryo - John Williams
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 Song for Dennis Brown - The Mountain Goats
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 Dennis Rodman (feat. Gucci Mane) - Migos
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 Dennis - Glenn Tilbrook
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 Dennis Brown - Westbound Train
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 Dennis - CAB
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 Dennis Murphy's - Le Ceoltóiri Cultúrlainne

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Dennis

English, German, Dutch: Usual English, German and Dutch form of Denis.
English: Variant of Dionysius. Dionysius is the mythological Greek god of wine responsible for growth of the vines and the originator of winemaking: (equivalent to the Roman god Bacchus.).
French: Named for Saint Denys.
Greek: Follower of Dionysius (Greek god of wine).
Shakespearean: 'As You Like It' Servant to Oliver.

Dennis on the internet Dennis Uniform -- School Uniform Provider since 1920 Motorcycle, ATV/UTV and Snowmobile Parts and Accessories ...

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Can men do better? Gillette’s ad | Riley J. Dennis

LINKS/SOURCES The Gillette ad: Fake \

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Dennis Schouten: 'Dit vind ik écht, écht verschrikkelijk!' | Release Reacties

Op veler verzoek is hier Dennis Schouten van Powned en Veronica Inside die het internet veroverde met onder andere Albufissa. Hij geeft zijn zeer ongezouten ...

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4 NBA Trades that Should Happen: Anthony Davis | Dennis Smith, Jr. | Marc Gasol

4 NBA Trades that Should Happen: Anthony Davis | Dennis Smith, Jr. | Marc Gasol The NBA Trade Deadline hasn't necessarily involved big time players as of ...

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Dennis Schroder and Steven Adams Combine for 37 Points vs Sixers | January 19th, 2019

Dennis Schroder scored 21 PTS off the bench on 8-18 FG and Steven Adams scored 16 PTS on 8-13 FG against the Sixers. ▻ Box Score: ...

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