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People named Didier on their name

Didier (born 1995) from New Zealand said:
Best of name: Its an exotic name.Not so good: People call me diddleNamed after: After the racing car driver

What made Didier famous

Didier Pouget is known for atmospheric countryside landscape painting.
Didier Drogba is an Ivorian forward who is most notably known for being one of the most prolific Premier League goal scorers of all time.
Didier Eribon, Professor of Sociology at the University of Amiens, is well known for his groundbreaking biography, Michel Foucault, first published in 1989.
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 Didier - Zoufris Maracas
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 Didier - Raul De Souza & Claire Michael Group
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 Gracias Feat. Didier - Crooked Stilo
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 Didier Drogba - Fanchants
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 Merci Didier Drogba - DJ Arafat
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 Didier - Congo Dia Ntotila
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 Didier Drogba - Chelsea Football Songs
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 Didier - Jhise & SacrificioyPasta

Watch or bid on odd Didier collectibles on eBay

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Interesting violin labeled Paul Didier (old, antique)


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1988 Panini 88 Soccer Didier Deschamps ROOKIE RC #250 PSA 9 MINT (PWCC)


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<< Didier, PA 18015, USA (PA, Northampton)

Historic meaning and origin of the name Didier

French: French form of Desiderio.
French: Desire.

Didier on the internet

didierfarms.com: Didier Farms - Illinois Greenhouse, Farm Stand and …
didiergrp.com: DidierGroup - Land Investment Opportunities
didierltd.com: Didier LTD
didierconsultants.com: Didier Consultants, Inc.

Watch videos that make Didier unforgettable

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Dejaste A Mi Madre - Didier Andrès - Vídeo Oficial

Del reconocido compositor e interprete de música popular Jorge Luis Hortua y en la voz de Didier Andres un pequeño de tan solo seis años de edad, ...

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Didier Roche a fait de son handicap une force

Didier Roche est devenu aveugle quand il avait 6 ans. Ce handicap ne l'a pas empêché de lancer une chaîne de restaurants où les clients sont plongés dans ...

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Didier - Ma destinée


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Didier Clarel - Cecilia

Didier Clarel - Cecilia.

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