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Eric (born 1975) from United States, CA said:
Best of name: It's unique.Not so good: People always spell it wrong.Named after: Because my cousin was names Jason (my original name) first.Experience: I saw that a singer has the same first and last name as mine.

Eminent people named Eric

Eric Allendale, Eric Andolsek, Eric Avery, Eric Baker, Eric Balfour, Eric Bana, Eric Bloom, Eric Broadley, Eric Cantor, Eric Carle, Eric Carmen, Eric Chavez, Eric Christian Olsen, Eric Close, Eric Coates, Eric Dane, Eric Devendorf, Eric Dolphy, Eric Esch, Eric F. Wieschaus, Eric Flynn, Eric Greitens, Eric Heiden, Eric Hoffer, Eric Holder, Eric Idle, Eric Judy, Eric Kretz, Eric Lively, Eric Lloyd, Eric Lucas, Eric Mabius, Eric Maleson, Eric Malpass, Eric Millegan, Eric Mun, Eric Partridge, Eric Peterson, Eric Pierpoint, Eric Portman, Eric Robert Rudolph, Eric Serra, Eric Singer, Eric Stoltz, Eric Sykes, Eric Tappy, Eric Tindill, Eric Vail, Eric Vanderaerden, Eric Weinrich, Eric Williams, Eric Young, Sir Eric Willis, Éric Abidal, Éric Bédard, Éric Bélanger, Éric Desjardins, Éric Gagné, Éric Messier, Éric Morena.
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 Eric - Guthrie Govan
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 Eric - The Happy Birthday Singers
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 Eric - Mitski
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 Eric to the Rescue - Alan Menken
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 Eric - The Amalgamation of Soundz

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Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Ariel And Eric Doll - New With Original Bag


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Eric

English, French, Swedish: From the Old Norse name Eiríkr, derived from the elements ei "ever" and ríkr "ruler".
Norse: Ever or eternal ruler. Island ruler. Famous bearer: 10th-century Norwegian explorer Eric the Red.
Scandinavian: Ever kingly. In Scandinavian legend the Viking sea rover Ericson: (son of Eric the Red) landed on the shores of America 500 years before Christopher Columbus.

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Eric周興哲《 如果雨之後 The Chaos After You 》Official Music Video

有時面對命運捉弄,我們真正要面對的不是當下的問題,而是此後的改變。 立即收聽: 訂閱周興哲Youtube頻道:

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Jan-Krzysztof Duda VS Eric Hansen BULLET MATCH

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Eric周興哲《以後別做朋友》Official MV [1080P]

開了口故事就從這個夏天開始|| SONY質感新男聲Eric周興哲||第一首發表夏悸好評抒情曲[ 以後別做朋友]. Eric周興哲《TWENTY...

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João dá uma surra em Eric | As Aventuras de Poliana

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