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Eminent people named Gil

Gil Amelio, Gil Bellows, Gil Evans, Gil Gerard, Gil Hodges, Gil Kane, Gil Meche, Gil Reyes, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Shaham, Gil de Ferran.
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 Wicked Gil - Band of Horses
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 Gil - The Alternate Routes
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 Gil Sleeping - The Horrors
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 Gil B643 - John Scofield
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 Fantasia por Miles y Gil - Gonzalo Rubalcaba
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 Anne Reuinted With Gil - Peter Breiner
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 Manuel Gil - El Tigrillo Palma
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 Gil Say They Don't Knock - Typical Cats
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 Gariwojin Gil (Remix) - Ra.D

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 129 CGC 8.0 OW/W pg 1st PUNISHER Gil Kane Andru ART Stan Lee


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1970 OPC O-Pee-Chee Hockey 131 Gil Perreault HOF Rookie PSA 6 EX-MT Buffalo YES


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Gil

Spanish, Portuguese: Spanish and Portuguese form of Giles.
English: Short form of Gilbert and other names beginning with Gil.
Hebrew: Means "joy, happiness" in Hebrew.
French: French form of Julius.
Hebrew: Happiness.
Irish: Serves Christ.
Israeli: Joy.
Scottish: Diminutive of Gilbert: Derived from the name Gilbride, meaning 'servant of St. Bridget'.
Spanish: Squire 'Young shield.'.

Gil on the internet GIL | Gemological International Laboratories Gil's Auto Sales - Used Car Dealerships in Columbus Georgia ...

Watch videos that make Gil unforgettable

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Gil Semedo Suzy

The first Videoclip of Gil Semedo Today the song Suzy is still a hit and can be regular heard on the radiostations in Cape Verde. Other songs by Gil Semedo in ...

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Best of Gil Gunderson

A compilation of Gil Gunderson's best moments.

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Gil & jorge Nega


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mu-ton vs GIL/ 戦極MCBATTLE 第17章 (2018.2.17)@BESTBOUT1

mu-ton vs GIL BATTLE BEAT:LUKA THE KISARAGI 予約↓ 戦極MCBATTLE 第17章 -This is Millionaire Tour FINAL 本戦- 2018.2.17 ...

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