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People named Hans on their name

Hans (born 1964) from Netherlands said:

Hans (born 1992) from Lithuania said:
Best of name: Hans AtrottNot so good: Short and easy to pronounce and rememberNamed after: Because of Hans AtrottExperience: Hans, let's dance

Eminent people named Hans

Hans Adolf Krebs, Hans Albers, Hans Albert Einstein, Hans Asperger, Hans Auer, Hans Berger, Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff, Hans Carossa, Hans Christian Lumbye, Hans Christian Ørsted, Hans Cloos, Hans Conried, Hans Daams, Hans Eppinger, Hans Erasmus Aßmann, Hans Erni, Hans Fallada, Hans Fischer, Hans Frank, Hans Georg Dehmelt, Hans Gerschwiler, Hans Graf, Hans Gude, Hans Hahn, Hans Hass, Hans Henning Atrott, Hans Herr, Hans Herrmann, Hans Joachim von Zieten, Hans Kammler, Hans Krondahl, Hans Kruize, Hans Köchler, Hans Küng, Hans Lammers, Hans List, Hans Litten, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Hans Merensky, Hans Modrow, Hans Morgenthau, Hans Nansen, Hans Peter Geerdes, Hans Peter Keller, Hans Redlich, Hans Richter, Hans Robert Hiegel, Hans Rookmaaker, Hans Rott, Hans Ruesch, Hans Scholl, Hans Stuck, Hans Vogt, Hans Vonk, Hans Werner Henze, Hans Zimmer, Hans von Bartels, Hans von Bülow, Hans von Euler-Chelpin, Hans von der Groeben.
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 Hans - Christophe Beck
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 Hans of the Southern Isles - John Riddle
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 Hans - David Ummmo
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 Han’s Kung Fu - James Horner
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 Discovering Hans - John Williams
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 Exclusive Interview with Hans Zimmer - Hans Zimmer
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 Konning Hans - Týr

Watch or bid on odd Hans collectibles on eBay

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Vintage Hans J Wegner designed High Back Easy Chair with armrests and ottoman.


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Hans Karlsson Adze - Hand Forged in Sweden!


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Hans

German, Dutch, Scandinavian: German, Dutch and Scandinavian short form of Johannes.
Danish: God's gift.
Dutch: Variant of John.
German: Gift from God. God has been gracious. German variant of the Hebrew name John.
Hebrew: Gift from God.
Scandinavian: Variant of John.
Swedish: Swedish form of John 'gift from God'.

Hans on the internet

hans.org: HANS
hansdevice.com: HANS device
hanspowernet.com: HANS™ PowerNet Home - HANS PowerPack.com

Watch videos that make Hans unforgettable

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Hans: German Superstar Spices Up Your Life With Winter Extravaganza - America's Got Talent 2018

From tap dancing, to singing, to playing the accordion AND the piano, Hans is bringing his all and leaving his heart on the stage. Watch him perform the iconic ...

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THE PATH OF YOUR SOUL explained by Hans Wilhelm

the spiritual path that every soul eventually takes to reach perfection. For more videos go to www.LIFEexplained.com Like us on Facebook: ...

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Hans Accordionist Sing Dance FUNNY and AWESOME America's Got Talent 2018 Audition AGT

Hans Accordionist Sing Dance FUNNY and AWESOME. This is the Full segment of performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 ...

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Hans. & swrly - go [Official Music Video]

A Picture By Beren Allen http://berenallen.co.nz Hans. https://www.instagram.com/kim_yun_tak https://www.facebook.com/kimyuntak97 ...

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