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Best of name: He loves meNot so good: It makes me eat potato chips

Eminent people named Henri

Henri Barbusse, Henri Becquerel, Henri Berger, Henri Bergson, Henri Bourassa, Henri Brisson, Henri Busser, Henri Camara, Henri Cartan, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Henri Christophe, Henri Coandă, Henri Colpi, Henri Cornet, Henri Desgrange, Henri Druey, Henri Duparc, Henri Dutilleux, Henri Dutrochet, Henri Duveyrier, Henri Désiré Landru, Henri Fabre, Henri Fantin-Latour, Henri Frederic Amiel, Henri Giraud, Henri Gratien, Henri Herz, Henri Karjalainen, Henri La Fontaine, Henri Labrouste, Henri Landwirth, Henri Lansbury, Henri Lebesgue, Henri Leconte, Henri Longchambon, Henri Louis le Chatelier, Henri Matisse, Henri Michaux, Henri Moissan, Henri Nannen, Henri Nestlé, Henri Philippe Pétain, Henri Pitot, Henri Poincaré, Henri Pélissier, Henri Richard, Henri Richelet, Henri Rousseau, Henri Salvador, Henri Sorvali, Henri Toivonen, Henri Troyat, Henri Verneuil, Henri Victor Regnault, Henri Vieuxtemps, Henri de Baillet-Latour, Henri de Massue, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne.
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 Henri - The Heavy Circles
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 Place St. Henri - Eldar
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 Henri - Emma Alyce Weber
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 Henri Büsser-Prélude et Scherzo - Ransom Wilson
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 Behind the Eyes of Henri Young - Kasey Chambers
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 Henri le merveilleux - French Café Ensemble
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 Place St. Henri - Marian McPartland & Oscar Peterson
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 Henri - Kevin Riepl
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 Battements Fondus 2/4 Henri Paolli 8x4 - Elena Baliakhova
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 Henri - Irène Jacob & Francis Jacob
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 Henri - Gruppo Sportivo

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William Henry Knife Limited Edition B12 Spearpoint Flagstaff 


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2018 Panini World Cup Prizm Thierry Henry Auto Gold Prizm 01/10 Huge Sp France


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Henri

French, Finnish: French form of Henry.
French: Variant of English Henry 'Rules his household.'.
Teutonic: Rules an estate.

Henri on the internet

henrirousseau.org: Henri Julien Rousseau - The Complete Works - …
henricartierbresson.org: Accueil - Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
henri-charpentier.com: アンリ・シャルパンティエ | HenriCharpentier
henriloevenbruck.com: Page officielle de Henri Loevenbruck, écrivain.

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Hirveä Henri - Unelmajäätelö

Hirvea henri Suomeksi.

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Henri on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/henrifb Henri on Twitter: http://twitter.com//HenriLeChatNoir Henri's store: http://store.henrilechatnoir.com/ Henri's book: ...

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Hirveä Henri - Hirveä Henri Jakso 38 ✤✓ | Luti Zoom

Hirveä Henri - Hirveä Henri Jakso 38 ✤✓ | Luti Zoom Please Like, Share, Comment and Don't forget SUBSCRIBE to watch new videos! SUBSCRIBE: ...

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Hirveä Henri - Maan onnellisin perhe

Hirvea henri Suomeksi.

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