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Eminent people named Henry

Henry Allingham, Henry Arthur Jones, Henry Austin Dobson, Henry Benedict Stuart, Henry Bennett, Henry Bergh, Henry Billings Brown, Henry Blanco, Henry Bonilla, Henry Bumstead, Henry Cabot Lodge, Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Henry Carr, Henry Cavill, Henry Chadwick, Henry Clay, Henry Cooper, Henry Darrow, Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, Henry Faulds, Henry Ford, Henry Fox, Henry George, Henry George Liddell, Henry Hallett Dale, Henry Heimlich, Henry Hyde, Henry III of Nassau-Breda, Henry J. Gardner, Henry J. Kaiser, Henry Jaglom, Henry Joy McCracken, Henry Knox, Henry Lawes, Henry McGee, Henry Miller, Henry Moseley, Henry P. McIlhenny, Henry Peter Brougham, Henry Purcell, Henry Rollins, Henry S. Taylor, Henry Schoolcraft, Henry Shefflin, Henry St John, Henry Sydney, Henry Thomas, Henry Travers, Henry Trendley Dean, Henry Trevor, Henry Vaughan, Henry Vestine, Henry Wade, Henry Ware Eliot American industrialist, Henry Wilson, Henry Winter, Henry Wriothesley, King Henry V of England, Sir Henry Raeburn, Sir Henry Royce.
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 Henry - Keb' Mo'
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 Henry - New Riders of the Purple Sage
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 Henry - The Cliks
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 Henry - Peace Orchestra
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 Oh Henry - The Civil Wars
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 Henry - Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge
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 A Postcard to Henry Purcell - Jean-Yves Thibaudet
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 Henry - Sam Heilig
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 Henry - Lost Bayou Ramblers

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1954 Topps #128 Henry Hank Aaron Braves RC Rookie HOF PSA 4.5 " ICONIC CARD "


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William Henry B30 Aztec Pocketknife 18/50


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Henry

English: From the Germanic name Heimirich which meant "home ruler", composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, ruler".
English: 'Rules his household.' Oft-used English and French royal name. The second son of Charles Prince of Wales is named Henry.
French: Rules the home.
German: Rules his household. Oft-used English and French royal name. The second son of Charles Prince of Wales is named Henry.

Henry on the internet

us.henry.com: Henry - Commercial Building Envelope Systems, Roof ...
henryusa.com: Henry Repeating Arms
henryschein.com: Henry Schein - Dental Supplies, Medical Supplies, Veterinary ...

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HENRY 헨리 'Monster' MV (English Ver.)


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HENRY 헨리 'Fantastic' MV

Henry's 'Fantastic' has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music ...

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HENRY 헨리 'It's You' (Live Ver.)

The live version of HENRY's \

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Henry 헨리 'TRAP' MV (with Kyuhyun & Taemin)

Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music US: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trap-ep/id659225346 JP: ...

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