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Eminent people named Herbert

Herbert A. Hauptman, Herbert Agar, Herbert Akroyd Stuart, Herbert Austin, Herbert Backe, Herbert Bayard Swope, Herbert Biberman, Herbert Block, Herbert Booth, Herbert C. Brown, Herbert Chapman, Herbert Clark Hoover, Herbert Fandel, Herbert Grönemeyer, Herbert Henry Ball, Herbert Henry Dow, Herbert Howells, Herbert Jasper, Herbert Kelleher, Herbert Kohl, Herbert Kroemer, Herbert Lichtenfeld, Herbert Lom, Herbert Léonard, Herbert Marcuse, Herbert Marshall, Herbert Mataré, Herbert Mills, Herbert Morrison, Herbert Mullin, Herbert Murrill, Herbert Osborne Yardley, Herbert Prohaska, Herbert Putnam, Herbert Reinecker, Herbert Reul, Herbert Ross, Herbert Simon, Herbert Spencer, Herbert Spencer Gasser, Herbert Strudwick, Herbert Sutcliffe, Herbert W. Franke, Herbert Wehner, Herbert von Karajan.
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 Herbert Harper's Free Press News - Muddy Waters
13 4
 Herbert - Madness
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 We'd Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover - Charles Strouse
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 Herbert's Story - Mark Orton
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 Tip Toe - Herbert Hoover - Lisa Harris
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 Last Night Herbert Murdered My Poodle - Mr. Oizo
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 Herbert - Bunny Brunel

Watch or bid on odd Herbert collectibles on eBay

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1937 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Series E Herbert Cain #172 PSA 8 NM-MT (PWCC)


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MAGNO - HERBERT WOLF Ltd Very rare, vintage men's watch. Swiss. Military style


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Herbert

English, German, French, Slovene, Polish: Derived from the Germanic elements hari "army" and beraht "bright".
French: Illustrious warrior.
German: Illustrious warrior. Army. Bright. Introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest. Famous Bearer: American president Herbert C. Hoover (1874-1964).
Shakespearean: 'King Henry IV, Part 1' Sir Walter Blunt. 'Henry VI, Part 2' Walter Whitmore. 'King Richard III' Sir Walter Herbert.
Swedish: Intelligent warrior.

Herbert on the internet

herberthistory.co.uk: Herbert History - Down Your Weigh
herbertparnell.com: Accountants in Woking, Surrey - Herbert Parnell - …
herbertstearooms.co.uk: Herberts Tearooms - Tissington Village, Tissington, …
herbert-johnson.co.uk: Herbert Johnson - Military hats and caps, No.1 Dress …

Watch videos that make Herbert unforgettable

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Herbert - See you on Monday

Label:Phono -- PHONO 02 Format:Vinyl, 12\

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Moloko - Sing it back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub)

Label: F-111 Records Catalog#: 0-44687 Format: 2 x Vinyl, 12\

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Herbert - Shuffler [Phono, 1996]

Herbert - Shuffler [Phono, 1996]

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Herbert Léonard: Puissance et Gloire

Herbert Léonard, véritable nom Hubert Loenhard,compositeur et chanteur de variétés français, né à Strasbourg, le 25 février 1945. Il réside dans le village des ...

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