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Eminent people named Horace

Horace Donisthorpe, Horace Elgin Dodge, Horace Grant, Horace Gray, Horace Greeley, Horace Heidt, Horace Mann, Horace Panter, Horace Silver, Horace Stoneham, Horace Vernet, Horace Walpole.

What made Horace famous

Horace Greeley, founder of the New York Tribune, is most famous for popularizing the phrase, "Go west, young man."
Horace Bristol was famous for his Depression era photographs he took with John Steinbeck.
Horace Grant was probably known for his goggles more than his play even though he had great ability on the court and huge impact on multiple Championship teams.
Horace Mann was known for advocating reforms in the United States educational system.
Horace Parlan, who is perhaps best known for playing on the masterpiece Mingus Ah-Um.
Horace Kephart is best-known for his role in raising public support for what became the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and as the author of two non-fiction books that have become classics.
Horace Andy is well known for the fresh interpretations he puts on his timeworn songs, and this performance was no exception.
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 Horace - Fourplay
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 The Diary of Horace Wimp - Electric Light Orchestra
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 Horace and Pete - Paul Simon
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 Horace - Red Hare
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 Horace - Ronnie Hawkins
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 Horace’s Compromise - Eugene Mirman
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 Horace - Bill Peterson, Jamison Ross & Rodney Jordan
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 Michael & Scottie & Horace - Ugly Heroes
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 Horace Hardbody the Statue - Nickelus F

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Horace

English, French: English and French form of Horatius, and the name by which the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus is commonly known those languages.
English: Timekeeper. Derived from the Roman clan name Horatius.
Italian: Variant of Horatio: Timekeeper. Derived from the Roman clan name Horatius. The close friend of Hamlet in Shakespeare's tragedy.
Latin: Timekeeper. Derived from the Roman family clan name Horatius.

Horace on the internet

horacemann.com: Horace Mann Educators Corporation | Auto, Home and …
horaceandsylvia.com: Horace & Sylvia
horacetrumbauer.com: Horace Trumbauer - General Contractors In Pittsburgh
horaceauboulevard.com: Horace au Boulevard

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Horace - Ochii ei (Audio)

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/horacesound1 Horace - Ochii ei (Audio) Interpretare / Text: Horace Instrumental: Feniko Mix / Master: Horace Horace FB: ...

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Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Duty of Anri & Horace

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Horace Top 10 Quotes

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Elo-the diary of horace wimp

the diary of horace wimp HQ Version: http://www.1st-name.com/male/horace/video/jVbAi0_5BVg.html © SME (Sound Recording)

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