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A) because I'm interested in a well-known person named Igor
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C) because my very own name is Igor!
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A user from Canada said:
Best of name: It's shortNot so good: There is no E in it.

A user from Canada said:
Best of name: It's very sexyNot so good: It has a bad reputation

Eminent people named Igor

Igor Akinfeev, Igor Astarloa, Igor Belanov, Igor Bogdanović, Igor Cassina, Igor Cavalera, Igor Dmitrievich Novikov, Igor Ivanov, Igor Jijikine, Igor Kurchatov, Igor Larionov, Igor Malkov, Igor Moiseyev, Igor Oistrakh, Igor Olshansky, Igor Shafarevich, Igor Sikorsky, Igor Smirnov, Igor Stravinsky, Igor Svyatoslavich, Igor Tamm, Igor Torkar, Igor Ulanov, Igor Volk, Igor Vyazmikin, Igor Śmiałowski.
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 Igor - Patrick Doyle
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 Igor - Woody Herman & His Woodchoppers
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 Prince Igor - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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 Breakfast at Igor's - Spyro Gyra
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 Igor - Clare Fischer Orchestra
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 Igor - Avishai Cohen
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 Prince Igor: Polovetsian Dances - London Symphony Orchestra

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4 LP BOX SET Igor and Natalia Oistrach Beethoven Die Violinsonaten PARNASS


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Russian Painting Oil 1980 - 1990 Artist Igor Signed Modern Abstract


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Igor

Russian, Polish, Slovene: Russian form of Ingvarr (see Ingvar).
Russian: Warrior of peace. Ing's warrior (Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility). From the Scandinavian name Ingyar. Famous Bearer: Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.
Scandinavian: Hero.

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Igor Shishkin Subaru WRX STI

Sekite facebook: https://www.facebook.com/igor.shishkin.98837 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shishkin888/ Kamera ir montazas: Virgilijaus ...

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Kabaret na żywo 4: XII Płocka Noc kabaretowa: Igor Kwiatkowski

http://www.polsat.pl/program/kabaret-na-zywo/ www.facebook.com/kabaretnazywo www.instagram.com/kabaretnazywo.

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IGOR Brain Wash


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Igor 2008 Official Movie Trailer (HD)


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