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Eminent people named Irving

Irving Babbitt, Irving Berlin, Irving Brecher, Irving Caesar, Irving Fiske, Irving Howe, Irving Johnson, Irving Kahn, Irving Langmuir, Irving Layton, Irving Mills, Irving Penn, Irving R. Levine, Irving Rapper, Irving Stone, Irving Thalberg, Irving Wallace.
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 Irving - Austin Lounge Lizards
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 Irving Montage - Danny Elfman
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 Irving Berlin (Is 100 Yrs Old Today) - Ian Tyson
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 Kyrie Irving - Lil Cray
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 Irving - Ross Grant
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 Irving's Camp Fire Song - Irving
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 Interview: Irving Caesar (Bonus Track) - Irving Caesar
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 Irving Berlin - Jimmy Webb
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 Slip Jigs 2: Irving Washington\'s - Total Irish Dancing
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 Julius, Irving, Berlin - Mocean Worker
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 Irving (Remix) - Bleezy Kyrie
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 Irving Berlin Medley - Old-fashioned Player Piano Music
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 Kyrie Irving (feat. Cyrus) - C-Trox

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Irving

English, Scottish: From a Scottish surname which was in turn derived from a Scottish place name.
Celtic: White.
English: Friend. See also Ervin.
Gaelic: Handsome.
Scottish: From the City. Friend, as a variant of Irvin.

Irving on the internet Irving Oil Irving Independent School District Irving Energy: Heating Oil, Propane & Diesel Delivery

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