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Eminent people named Ivo

Ivo Andrić, Ivo Caprino, Ivo Karlović, Ivo Lill, Ivo Milazzo, Ivo Pogorelic, Ivo Robic, Ivo Van Damme, Ivo of Kermartin.

What made Ivo famous

Ivo Andric is famous for his trilogy of powerfully written tales about his native Bosnia.
Ivo Pogorelić – Croat pianist born in Belgrade – is famous for his original interpretations, which win him both fervent admirers and staunch critics.
Ivo Petrov, is famous for taking part in the design of distinguished buildings like the Pleven Epopee Panorama, the Dramatic Theater and the Museum Complex in Pleven.
Ivo Caprino ( Oslo , February 17 1920 – February 8 2001 in Oslo) was a Norwegian film director and writer , best known for his puppet films.
Ivo Babuška is known for Babuška's paradox, the Babuška-Brezzi inf-sup condition, minimum angle condition, homogenization etc.
Ivo Papasov is well-known for his distinct improvisational and folk-influenced sound.
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 Ivo - Maxence Cyrin
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 Ivo - Cocteau Twins
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 The Companion Guide To Rome: V Ivo - A Far Cry
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 Chasing Ivo Livi - Naftule's Dream
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 Koja Gora Ivo - Safet Isović
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 Koja Gora Ivo - Mate Bulić
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 Di Je Meštar Ivo? - Ansambl Dalmacija
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 Fábula para Ivo - MIMA
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 Ivo - The Baghdaddies
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 Sjr Ivo - Tino Derado
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 Ivo - V
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 Ivo - GoGoGo Airheart
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 Koja Gora Ivo - Meho Puzić

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Ivo

German, Dutch, Ancient Germanic: Germanic name, originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element iv meaning "yew".
Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian: Diminutive of Ivan.
English: Archer's bow.
German: Yew. Introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest.
Teutonic: Archer's bow.

Ivo on the internet

ivo.com: IVO | Integrity Values Outcomes – Business for the …

Watch videos that make Ivo unforgettable

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Is It Ivo's Lucky Day? | The X Factor UK on AXS TV

Ivo brought an original, his own back-up dancers, and a shirt stolen from Simon Cowell's wardrobe for his audition... and it was one of the most bizarre we ever ...

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4. Uluslararası Klarnet Festivali, Ivo Papazov & Trakia Band Konseri

Abone OL ( Subscribe ): https://www.youtube.com/user/klarnetfestivali?sub_confirmation=1 4. Uluslararası Klarnet Festivali kapsamında düzenlenen Ivo ...

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Mate Bulić - Koja gora Ivo ( Hrvatske narodne pjesme )


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Ivo Graham Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live 2013

http://www.facebook.com/pages/ArseRaptor/134715809920069 Another great year of the Fringe Festival, and now the incredible Ivo Graham, enjoy!

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