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Eminent people named Jack

Jack Adams, Jack Albertson, Jack Anderson, Jack Barry, Jack Benny, Jack Brickhouse, Jack Brooks, Jack Carson, Jack Casady, Jack Case, Jack Churchill, Jack Del Rio, Jack Elam, Jack Fournier, Jack Gilford, Jack Ging, Jack Haley, Jack Ham, Jack Hannahan, Jack Hoxie, Jack Hues, Jack Ingram, Jack Johnson, Jack Kelly, Jack Kerouac, Jack Kirby, Jack LaLanne, Jack Larson, Jack Laviolette, Jack Lawless, Jack Layton, Jack Lousma, Jack McGregor, Jack Miner, Jack Morris, Jack O'Connor, Jack O'Neill, Jack Osbourne, Jack P. Shepherd, Jack Palance, Jack Pickersgill, Jack Pickford, Jack Sanford, Jack Sheppard, Jack Sikma, Jack Starrett, Jack Swagger, Jack Teagarden, Jack Thompson, Jack Warden, Jack Welch, Jack Weston, Jack Whitaker, Jack White, Jack Whyte, Jack Williamson, Jack Wilshere, Jack Wilson, Jack Wouterse, Sir Jack Brabham.
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 Jack - Widespread Panic
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 Jack - Nick Glennie-Smith
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 Jack - Breach
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 Jack - Tom Petty
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 Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp
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 You Don't Know Jack - Luke Bryan
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 Jack - Millionaires
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 Jack - Robin Williams
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 Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton) - The Lonely Island

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Load Trail 40’ GOOSENECK Hydraulic Dove-Tail / Hydraulic Jacks


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Jack Kirby Original Pencil Artwork! DC, Justice League, Dinosaur, JLA!


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Gottlieb Pinball Machine Jumping Jack - Very Nice all Around!


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jack

English: Derived from Jackin (earlier Jankin), a medieval diminutive of John.
English: Diminutive of John: God is gracious. During the Middle Ages, Jack was so common that it was used as a general term for 'man' or 'boy'. Famous Bearer: American actor Jack Lemmon.
Hebrew: Supplanter.
Polish: God is gracious.
Shakespearean: 'Henry VI, Part 2' Jack Cade, a rebel.

Jack on the internet

jackinthebox.com: Jack In The Box

Watch videos that make Jack unforgettable

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This wasn't easy for Jack to do... He did it for you.

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Jack and Dani Are Let Loose in a Supermarket | Love Island 2018

You know you've been away from home for too long when you get excited at the thought of pushing a trolley round the local supermarket! Jack and Dani are off ...

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Jack Breaks Up With Laura | Love Island 2018

Laura hasn't had an easy ride with her relationships this summer. Every boy she gets feelings for seems to catch a case of 'the grass is greener'. A few weeks ...

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Jonas Blue - Rise ft. Jack & Jack

Click here to win a Jonas Blue Electronic Nature merch bundle: https://crm-international.lnk.to/JonasbluecompYTID 'Rise' Ft. Jack & Jack is OUT NOW ...

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