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Eminent people named James

James Alexander Calder, James Allan, James Archibald Houston, James Backhouse, James Bacon, James Baldwin, James Bolam, James Booth, James Bourne, James Bowie, James Brady, James Brown, James Buchanan, James Burrows, James Burton, James Carville, James Corden, James Cromwell, James D. Norris, James Di Pasquale, James Dobson, James Dunn, James Edwards, James Farentino, James Fitzmaurice, James Glennon, James Hannon, James Haven, James Henry Govier, James Herndon, James Hetfield, James Hillier, James Hopes, James Hunt, James Jones, James Joseph Sweeney, James Kelly, James Last, James Loewen, James Lomenzo, James Longstreet, James Maritato, James McKeen Cattell, James McNeill, James Ormond, James Paget, James Roberts, James Roday, James Roosevelt Bayley, James Russell Lowell, James Scott, James Shaffer, James Sinegal, James Stewart, James Stirling, James Storm, James T. Rapier, James Thomson, James Wade, James Whitcomb Riley.
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 James - Billy Joel
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 James - Pat Metheny Group
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 James - O.A.R.
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 James - Blue October
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 James - MGMT
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 James - Josh Rouse
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 James - Camera Obscura
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 James - The Nadas
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 James - Maritime
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 James - Zach Williams
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 James - The Bangles
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 James - The Happy Birthday Singers
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 Sweet Baby James - James Taylor

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Ford Thunderbird 007 James Bond Edition 2003 Ford Thunderbird 007 James Bond Edition Convertible 3.9L V8, 10-Speed Auto


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2003 SP Authentic LeBron James ROOKIE RC AUTO /500 #148 BGS 9.5 GEM MINT (PWCC)


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2003-04 LeBron James Topps Chrome X-Fractor Rookie RC PSA 9 Mint ser#'d 003/220


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Historic meaning and origin of the name James

English, Biblical: English form of the Late Latin name Iacomus which was derived from "Iakobos", the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name Ya'aqov (see Jacob).
Biblical: That supplants, undermines, the heel.
English: Supplant. Replace. Variant of Jacob derived from the latin Jacomus.
Hebrew: Variant of Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter.
Shakespearean: 'King John' James Jurney, servant to Lady Faulconbridge. 'King Richard III' Sir James Tyrrel. 'King Richard III' Sir James Blount.

James on the internet

jamesavery.com: James Avery - Shop Collections, Gifts, Charms & …

Watch videos that make James unforgettable

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james charles addresses \

james charles debunks the conspiracy about his palette.

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James Crying For Ayub Bacchu || Ayub Bacchu || James


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James Cooke verbaast zijn vriend Dorian in Dancing With The Stars

James Cooke met de hakken over de sloot bij Dancing With The Sars, tenminste dat denkt de presentator. Niet alleen James was vrijdag onder de indruk van de ...

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James - Getting Away With it (All Messed Up)


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