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People named Jasper on their name

Jasper (born 1984) from India said:

Eminent people named Jasper

Jasper Carrott, Jasper Fforde, Jasper Harris, Jasper Johns, Jasper Pääkkönen, Jasper Wood.

What made Jasper famous

Jasper Ware is famous for the bas relief applied to the sides, often in imitation of classical Greek motifs.
Jasper White is the acclaimed chef behind the renowned Jasper's Restaurant, a Boston, MA landmark famous for seafood and other New England specialties that opened in 1983 on Boston's waterfront.
Jasper Johns is famous for incorporating such media as encaustic and plaster relief in his art.
Jasper Fforde (complete 6 books) ebook Jasper Fforde (born in London on 11 January 1961) is an English novelist, mainly known for his Thursday Next novels.
Jasper Francis Cropsey is best known for his dramatic panoramas and his skill at capturing the splendor of autumn.
Jasper Lions Rodeo is best known for it's featured entertainment.
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 Jasper - Howard Shore
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 Jasper - Royal Scottish National Orchestra
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 Iris and Jasper - Hans Zimmer & Hollywood Studio Symphony
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 Jasper - Caetano Veloso
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 Jasper - Tom Catmull
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 Jasper - Bobby Hutcherson
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 Jasper - Hooton Tennis Club
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 Jasper - Alberto Cortez
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 Glass from Jasper - Roedelius
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 Jasper Country Man - Bobbi Humphrey
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 Jasper - Kodiak Brigade
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 Jasper - Louise Burns
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 Like Jasper and Carnelian - Woe of Tyrants
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 Jasper - Rotary Downs

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USA 90's Gretsch Broadkaster Drums, Black (jasper shells), gunmetal hardware


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Zimmermann Jasper Ruffle Mini Dress


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jasper

English, Judeo-Christian Legend: Means "treasurer" in Persian.
Arabic: Variant of Caspar or Gaspar: Keeper of the treasure.
English: Master of the treasure.
French: Jasperstone.
Hebrew: Jewel.
Persian: Keeper of treasure. Derived from Gaspar or Caspar.

Jasper on the internet

jasper.com: IoT Connectivity Management Platform | Cisco Jasper
jasperengines.com: JASPER Engines - Remanufactured engines, transmissions and ...

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《爸爸去哪儿6》往季旅程萌点 Jasper复习篇:论小甜椒如何一步步降服暴脾气老爸 Dad Where Are We Going S6【爸爸去哪儿官方亲子频道】

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Jasper为什么这么软萌? 应采儿:不然活不到今天 爸爸去哪儿5 【综艺风向标】

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Jasper Murume - Mimi na maji ni X

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