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Eminent people named Jean

Jean Alesi, Jean Anouilh, Jean Arthur, Jean Auel, Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, Jean Baptiste Massillon, Jean Baptiste Salpointe, Jean Bruller, Jean Béraud, Jean Cabannes, Jean Carlos Gamarra, Jean Carnahan, Jean Casimir-Perier, Jean Chacornac, Jean Cocteau, Jean Craighead George, Jean Crotti, Jean Daniélou, Jean Delannoy, Jean Domat, Jean Drapeau, Jean Eustache, Jean Ferrat, Jean François Champollion, Jean Gabin, Jean Garon, Jean Gascon, Jean Gebser, Jean Giono, Jean Goldkette, Jean Grémillon, Jean Joseph Rabearivelo, Jean Langlais, Jean Lebeuf, Jean Martinon, Jean Moréas, Jean Moulin, Jean Paul Egide Martini, Jean Paul Lemieux, Jean Perron, Jean Peters, Jean Picard, Jean Poiret, Jean Racine, Jean Reno, Jean Renoir, Jean Ritchie, Jean Rochefort, Jean Rollin, Jean Rostand, Jean Sablon, Jean Seberg, Jean Shepherd, Jean Succar Kuri, Jean Vanier, Jean de Brunhoff, Jean de Dunois, Jean de La Bruyère, Jean de Thévenot, Jean de la Fontaine.

What made Jean famous

Jean Piaget (French: [ʒɑ̃ pjaʒɛ]; 9 August 1896 – 16 September 1980) was a Swiss clinical psychologist known for his pioneering work in child development.
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 Jean - Oliver
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 Jean - Acker Bilk

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jean

French: French form of Jehan, the Old French form of Iohannes (see John).
French: Variant of John. Jean is sometimes hyphenated with a second name and the French pronunciation may be used as in Jean-Luc and Jean-Paul.
Hebrew: Gift from God.

Watch videos that make Jean unforgettable

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Jean 2 (Audio Song) Ranjit Bawa | Ik Tare Wala | Beat Minister | Lovely Noor | New Punjabi Song

Presenting the latest punjabi audio song Jean 2 from the latest punjabi album Ik Tare Wala sung by Ranjit Bawa. The music of the song is given by Beat Minister ...

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Jean – Diamonds | The Voice Kids 2017 | The Blind Auditions

Jean zingt het nummer 'Diamonds' van Rihanna bij The Blind Auditions van The Voice Kids. Hij kiest uiteindelijk voor Team Borsato. // ABONNEER // Wil jij elke ...

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Mort de Jean Piat : de la Comédie-Française... à Gandalf

Le comédien Jean Piat est mort mardi 18 septembre. Monstre sacré du théâtre, il est pensionnaire à la Comédie-Française pendant 25 ans. Il se fait connaître ...

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El informe del tiempo con Jean Suriel


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