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Jeff (born 1967) from United States, IL said:
Best of name: Great fictional charachters have this name.Not so good: I'm an American, it is not spelled with a "G"!Named after: Because they figured it was a good name for a surfer.Experience: My mom calles me Jeffrey when she is trying to make a point. My uncle to be ironic, because my mom always calls me Jeffrey.

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A user from United States said:
Best of name: It gayNot so good: It gay

A user from United States, CA said:
Best of name: The JNot so good: Nothin

Eminent people named Jeff

Jeff Ament, Jeff Baxter, Jeff Bingaman, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Jeff Bridges, Jeff Carter, Jeff Chandler, Jeff Cook, Jeff Corey, Jeff Corwin, Jeff Davis, Jeff Dunham, Jeff East, Jeff Farmer, Jeff Fassero, Jeff Fenech, Jeff Foster, Jeff Francis, Jeff Frankenstein, Jeff Friesen, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Grubb, Jeff Hackett, Jeff Halpern, Jeff Hanneman, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Healey, Jeff Hornacek, Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Kennett, Jeff Keppinger, Jeff Koons, Jeff LaBar, Jeff Lahti, Jeff Lynne, Jeff McInnis, Jeff Merkley, Jeff Mills, Jeff Milton, Jeff Minter, Jeff Morrow, Jeff Olson, Jeff Pfeffer, Jeff Porcaro, Jeff Reed, Jeff Rich, Jeff Saturday, Jeff Sessions, Jeff Simmons, Jeff Sluman, Jeff Stryker, Jeff Thomson, Jeff Timmons, Jeff Van Gundy, Jeff Wayne, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Woywitka, Jeff Yagher, Jeff Zucker.
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 Jeff - Joe Hisaishi
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 Jeff - Jimmy Pardo
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 Jeff - Ahmad Jamal
3 2
 Jeff Foxworthy Intro - Jeff Foxworthy
11 1
 Jeff Wears Birkenstocks - NOFX
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 George Jeff - Jaden Smith
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 Jeff (Il Est Mort) - Bob's Burgers & Loren Bouchard
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 Sleep Well Jeff - Ringside
7 2
 Jeff Jarrett (My World) - TNA Wrestling

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2013 Jeff Beck Fender Stratocaster - Super clean, why buy new??


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jeff

English: Short form of Jeffrey.
English: Diminutive of Jeffrey: Derived from one of three Old German names, meaning: district, traveler, or peaceful pledge.

Jeff on the internet Jeff Dunham Jeff Bank Jeff Lynne's ELO - Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Lynne Jeff Buckley Jeff LaPlante | Photojournalism Jefferson State Community College Jefferson Township Public Schools

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Jeff Maggert's bunker hole out tops Shots of the Week 2018

SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR now: Check out the top 5 shots of the week from the 2018 John Deere Classic, the Utah Championship and ...

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Jeff Horn, humirit ng ‘rematch’ kay Pacquiao

Ang Australyano ang huling tumalo kay Pacman noong isang taon.

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Gerry Lopez at Pipeline — Winter 1971 | Behind The Photo: Jeff Divine


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Jeff Chan 21 Points Full Highlights (7/15/2018)

All are property of PBA and ABC Corporation (ESPN5). No copyright infrigiment is intended. The video is edited to follow the \

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