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Eminent people named Jimmy

Jimmy Aggrey, Jimmy Anderson, Jimmy Arias, Jimmy Armfield, Jimmy Barnes, Jimmy Bartel, Jimmy Bennett, Jimmy Breslin, Jimmy Bruno, Jimmy Buffett, Jimmy Bullard, Jimmy Carson, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jimmy Clanton, Jimmy Cobb, Jimmy Cook, Jimmy Crespo, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Doolittle, Jimmy Dorsey, Jimmy Driftwood, Jimmy Evert, Jimmy Garvin, Jimmy Gobble, Jimmy Griffin, Jimmy Hoffa, Jimmy Jam, Jimmy Journell, Jimmy Lea, Jimmy Lyons, Jimmy McCulloch, Jimmy McIlroy, Jimmy McLarnin, Jimmy McShane Northern Irish singer and front man of Baltimora, Jimmy Nail, Jimmy Nicol, Jimmy Nielsen, Jimmy Pop, Jimmy Quinn, Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Rogers, Jimmy Rollins, Jimmy Ruffin, Jimmy Scott, Jimmy Sinclair, Jimmy Skinner, Jimmy Smits, Jimmy Snuka, Jimmy Somerville, Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Tarbuck, Jimmy Vasser, Jimmy Waite, Jimmy Wales, Jimmy Webb, Jimmy White, Jimmy Wilde, Jimmy Wynn, Jimmy Yancey.
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 Jimmy - M.I.A.
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 Jimmy - Sutton Foster
8 5
 Jimmy - Boogie Down Productions
3 0
 Jimmy - Julie Andrews, André Previn & Orchestra
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 Jimmy - The Living End
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 Jimmy Iovine (feat. Ab-Soul) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
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 Jimmy - The Metal Heroes
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 Jimmy - Cheech & Chong
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 Jimmy - of Montreal
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 Jimmy - Upstanding Youth
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 Jimmy! - Spose
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 Jimmy - Moriarty
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 Lil Jimmy (Skit) - Kanye West

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jimmy

English: Diminutive of James.
English: Supplant. Replace. Variant of Jacob derived from the Latin Jacomus.
Hebrew: Supplanter.

Jimmy on the internet

jimmyjohns.com: Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
jimmyjazz.com: Jimmy Jazz | Shoes, Streetwear & Urban Clothing
online.jimmyjohns.com: Order Online | Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

Watch videos that make Jimmy unforgettable

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Woman Who Got Head Stuck in Tailpipe

A woman got her head stuck in the tailpipe of a truck while drunk at a Minnesota music festival. Naturally Jimmy said he needed to talk to her, so we asked her to ...

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Hashtags: #SummerVacationFail

Jimmy reads some of his favorite tweets with the hashtag #SummerVacationFail. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: ...

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Box of Lies with Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show ...

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Christina Aguilera Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

Christina Aguilera and Jimmy put on disguises and give a surprise performance of her hit \

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