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Eminent people named Johnnie

Johnnie Barnes, Johnnie Johnson, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., Johnnie Parsons, Johnnie Ray, Johnnie Taylor, Johnnie To, Johnnie Walker, Johnnie Wilder.
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 Johnnie - The Chad Mitchell Trio
1 0
 Frankie & Johnnie - David Allan Coe
1 2
 Frankie and Johnnie - Sam Cooke
15 4
 Johnnie Comes Back - James Taylor
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 Frankie and Johnnie - Sammy Davis, Jr.
5 2
 This Used to Be the Home of Johnnie Mae - Eddie Kendricks
11 0
 Frankie & Johnnie - Benny Goodman Orchestra
9 4
 Bobby Rush, Johnnie Taylor Introduction - Bobby "Blue" Bland
2 0
 Johnnie Lee - George Benson
5 4
 Tribute to Johnnie Taylor - Tyrone Davis
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 Frankie and Johnnie - Roscoe Holcomb
8 0
 Johnnie Cope/The Atholl Highlanders - The Tannahill Weavers

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2014 The Cup Hockey Johnny Gaudreau ROOKIE RC AUTO PATCH /99 #175 BGS 9 (PWCC)


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Magnolia Pearl Vintage Gypsy Johnny Shirt


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Johnnie

English: Diminutive of John, sometimes used as a feminine form.
English: Modern feminine of John and Jon.
French: Variant of the Hebrew John: Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor.
Hebrew: Diminutive of Jonathan: Jehovah has given. Jehovah's gift. Famous Bearer: Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of Gulliver's Travels.

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Watch videos that make Johnnie unforgettable

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Johnnie Guilbert - \

Get 'MESS UP' single and \

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Johnnie Taylor ~ Last Two Dollars

From the 1996 album \

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Johnnie Jackson FULL Arm Workout

There is no substitute for hard work! Johnnie has some of the best arms in the business because he does working set after working set of tried and true exercises ...

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Johnnie Walker - Dear Brother

Director: Dorian & Daniel Actors: Robin Guiver, Mathew Lewis-Carter Voice Actor: John \

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