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Eminent people named Joseph

Joseph Addison, Joseph Alioto, Joseph Allard, Joseph Babiński, Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Joseph Barbera, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, Joseph Bologna, Joseph Boyden, Joseph Brackett, Joseph Brodsky, Joseph Bruce, Joseph Butler, Joseph Charbonneau, Joseph Charles Arthur, Joseph Conrad, Joseph Crosfield, Joseph Cross, Joseph Cyril Bamford, Joseph De Piro, Joseph Dennie, Joseph Dudley, Joseph F. Biroc, Joseph Fielding Smith, Joseph Friedman, Joseph Gergonne, Joseph Glidden, Joseph Goebbels, Joseph Grimaldi, Joseph Hansom, Joseph Heller, Joseph Henry Shorthouse, Joseph Hooton Taylor, Joseph I, Joseph II, Joseph Jackson, Joseph Liouville, Joseph Lister, Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, Joseph Mitchell, Joseph P. Hoar, Joseph P. Kerwin, Joseph Philo Bradley, Joseph Pichler, Joseph Pitts, Joseph Pitty Couthouy, Joseph Plateau, Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, Joseph Smith, Joseph Stalin, Joseph Stein, Joseph Todd, Joseph Valachi, Joseph Wambaugh, Joseph Wapner, Joseph Wilton, Joseph Wiseman, Joseph Wolf, Joseph Wolpe, Joseph of Cupertino.

What made Joseph famous

Joseph Swan was a chemist, physicist, and inventor, who is most famous for his important role in the development of electric lighting.
Joseph Juran is another of the quality gurus, perhaps most famous for the Pareto Chart and the accompanying Pareto Principle.
Joseph Zammit - (1923 - 2009) was a craftsman famous for the restoration of the reknowned Maltese World War Two relic - the Gladiator Faith - an aeroplane which defended Malta and became the hero of Malta 's history.
Joseph Chirico is known for hosting a game supper at his Marco Polo restaurant.
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"Teepees By River" Original Oil By Ohio/California Artist Joseph Sharp 1859-1953


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*SILVIACREATIONS* Realborn(R) Joseph 3 months Bountiful Baby Reborn - Prototype


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Joseph

English, French, German, Biblical: From Ioseph, the Latin form of Greek "Ioseph", which was from the Hebrew name "Yosef" meaning "he will add".
Biblical: Increase; addition.
Hebrew: May Jehovah add/give increase. St Joseph of Arimathea undertook the burial of Jesus (in Holy Grail lore). In the bible Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery and later rose to become a supreme power in Egypt. Also Jesus' legal father..

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[ICanSeeYourVoice3] Winner, Year 11’ Choi Jun Seob ‘Joseph’ Encore Stage 20160818 EP.08

11학번 최준섭, Joseph Busto의 감성어린 앵콜무대 ′살다가(SG워너비)′ 매주 목요일 밤 9시 40분 Mnet/tvN.

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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Really Useful Films, 1999 Close Every Door 0:27:30.

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[ICanSeeYourVoice3] Soulful Duo♬ John Park X Joseph, ‘Thought of You’ 20160818 EP.08

오하이오 주립대 한국어과 11학번 최준섭 조셉&존박 - ′네 생각′ 매주 목요일 밤 9시 40분 Mnet/tvN.

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Joseph and His Brothers - Beginners Bible

Subscribe our channel: The Beginners Bible - After young Joseph receives a splendid coat of many colors from his father, his brothers ...

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