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Eminent people named Joss

Joss Ackland, Joss Stone, Joss Whedon.
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 Ballad of Joss - Bedlam Bards
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 Joss Is the Boss (Give Him Your Money) - Megan Gogerty
10 0
 Joss - Michael Brook
5 0
 Joss Whedon's Angel - Speechwriters LLC
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 Bad Joss - Future Loop Foundation

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Antonio Jerimiah Joss Glenn
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Joss

English: Short form of Jocelyn.
German: Diminutive of Jocelyn: 'One of the Goths'. Introduced into Britam as a masculine name during the Norman Conquest, Jocelyn was adopted as a feminine first name in the early 20th century.
Hebrew: Abbreviation of Joshua 'Jehovah is salvation.'.

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